Frankfurter Netlabel bloggt den Strukturwandel in der Musikindustrie

Das Frankfurter Netlabel hat ein Weblog eröffnet und bloggt darin die durch das Web anstehenden Umwälzungen im Musikmarkt:

The digital music economy is a dynamic environment with exciting new ideas and business concepts.

Thinnerism reports about this shift towards a new music business and its cultural, economic and philosophical aspects implied, while concentrating on the future of music marketing and new innovation concepts for the online music entrepreneurs: What we see today is the deconcentration (thinning out) of music business: we are now leaving the static age of music, where only a few central major players were in control. The digital era is gifting us with a broad diversification of power and relevancy. Besides, the concentration on big super hits is also lowering, with significantly more artists actively participating in the market, made possible by the internet.

Und gleich zum Einstieg gibt es erstmal einen (bis jetzt) vierteiligen Überblick über digitale Musik2.0:

Music2.0 stands for new ways that music is perceived, consumed, provided, marketed and shared in an entirely interconnected society of “digital natives”. Thinnerism is mapping the Music2.0 landscape, presenting the most important entepreneurs and thinkers of the digital music scene. They are developing new services and creating new concepts, aiming to determine how digital age music will be like. Here´s a small collector´s album containing their ideas and the exciting projects.

Part 1: Gerd Leonhard, „Music like water“ and Sonific
Part 2: Shawn Fanning, The original Napster and Snocap
Part 3: Justin Frankel, Winamp, Gnutella and Ninjam
Part 4: Tim Westergren, The Music Genome Project and Pandora