Links vom 15. 10. 07: Shaft, Springsteen, Eine kurze Geschichte der Zeit und wie Paviane denken

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Shaft (Shut you Mouth)
There are countless covers and variations of the theme and today I give you fifteen of the best ones. The styles range from psychedelic organs to disco to reggae, there's something for everyone in the family.

Bruce Springsteen Covers Arcade Fire, Joined By Win Butler & Régine Chassagne In Ontario 10/14/07
Remember when you first heard "Keep The Car Running" and thought, "That's the best Bruce Springsteen song not written by Bruce Springsteen"? Apparently so did the Boss!

A Bunch of Bootlegs:
Nirvana 1991 Cabaret Metro Chicago
Dinosaur Jt. Live Dinosaur Jr - Santa Monica 1994
Talking Heads 1977-12-03 San Francisco CA
Sigur Ros - Live - The Astoria, Londres, Angleterre, 25.01.2000
weezer - Live - 2005-08-24 - Dublin, Ireland - The Point

A Fistful of DJ-Sets:
Dave Clarke - Live at White Noise 13-10-2007
Robert Hood - Guest Mix on White Noise 13-10-2007
Josh Wink - Live at The Past on Studio Bruessel 14-10-2007
Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Live at Space of Sound Madrid 14-10-2007
David Guetta - Live at NRJ Mastermix on Radio NRJ 13-10-2007
Cristian Vogel - Live at DJ in Session on Radio3 14-10-2007


Classic Horror Trailers: Robot Monster (1953)

Blood Fighting: Dawn of the Robots and Zombies
This film explores the western fascination with monsters and zombies as exemplified in its literature and cinema. Utilizing clips from, doctor who, transformers, godzilla, night of the living dead and the vibrant open source community, this film integrates culturally appropriate music to provide us with entertaining cinema respite.

Pulp Fiction: Bahlsen hat einen am Keks
Um Himmels willen: Kann mal bitte jemand die Kreativ-Polizei rufen! Natürlich kann man einen Kultfilm wie Pulp Fiction von Quentin Tarantino für die Werbung zitieren. Aber dann sollten Look und Inhalte auch schon ironisch überhöhen werden. Bahlsen bleibt aber bei der Umsetzung spröder als jeder Butterkeks.

Full Size Transformer Built in China: Autobot X2
Three Chinese guys decided to build their own Transformer after seeing the recent blockbuster movie.

Cinema Fiction vs. Physics Reality
Two physicists examine certain features of popular myths regarding ghosts, vampires, and zombies as they appear in film and folklore.

A Brief History of Time
Directed (1991) by Errol Morris. Starring Isobel Hawking, Stephen Hawking, Janet Humphrey and Mary Hawking. Based on Steven Hawking's book.


Old Handbills
Collection of rare and original hand-paper items

60, Unite for children
60 Illustrators and Graphic Designers from the whole world wide are gather together through a book dedicated to UNICEF's actions. A 2 years project is born today, all the benefits of the sales are going to the UNICEF.

Simulated atomic particle collision art
by Carter Hodgkin

A Living Game Computer as Social Structure
Inspired by the case modding scene, a custom computer is built as a form of expanded sculpture. Inside the case, excess heat of over-clocked processors is recycled by an elaborate living ecosystem. The computer hardware is used as server for a new computer game. The objective of this game is to bring some of the main themes of Biomodd into an imaginative multiplayer game experience.
Both the computer structure and the game are developed with a group of biology, game and art enthusiasts. Exhibition visitors can also modify the piece: through playing they generate heat and hence influence the interior ecosystem.

David Bowen
kinetic, robotic, interactive and sculptural works.

Und so.

Core Memory: Photographs of Vintage Computers

Guy Solves Two Rubik's Cubes At Once
Dan Dzoan, world champion at one-handed Rubik's Cubes solving, solves two cubes at once in under 45 seconds.

The Earth Impact Database
The Earth Impact Database comprises a list of confirmed meteorite or comet impact structures from around the world.

Couch crafted from Macintosh II computers

A list of all the TEDTalks posted to so far

13 Haunted Houses That Will Make You Wet Your Pants in 2007
It's Halloween season and you know what that means: time for what has become our annual 13 Best Haunted Houses list!

Vom hinausgezögerten Erwachsensein
Die Lebensphasen verändern sich, sagt ein US-Wissenschaftler, zwischen Jugend und Erwachsensein schiebt sich die prekäre Odyssee-Phase: wechselnde Partner, keine festen Jobs, keine Kinder, keine wirtschaftliche Selbständigkeit

How Baboons Think (Yes, Think)
Royal is a cantankerous old male baboon whose troop of some 80 members lives in the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana. A perplexing event is about to disturb his day.
From the bushes to his right, he hears a staccato whoop, the distinctive call that female baboons always make after mating. He recognizes the voice as that of Jackalberry, the current consort of Cassius, a male who outranks Royal in the strict hierarchy of male baboons. No hope of sex today.