Links vom 12. 9. 07: Krautrock, 10000 Lichter, Yakuza und dunkle Materie

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tonorion.jpgYamaha Tonori-On
The TENORI-ON is a 16 x 16 LED button matrix performance instrument with a stunning visual display. For DJs & producers it is a unique performance tool enabling them to perform using MIDI and load the TENORI-ON with samples to 'jam / improvise' within their set BPMs.

Can Megapost
Can was a musical group formed in West Germany in 1968. One of the most important "krautrock" groups, Can had a style grounded in the art rock of bands such as The Velvet Underground, with strong experimental and world music influences. (Bootlegs und mehr)

Guided By Voices @ 320 Part 1 Of 4
Guided by Voices (often abbreviated as GbV) was an American indie-rock band originating from Dayton, Ohio. Since the band's formation in 1983, it has experienced frequent personnel changes, but has always maintained the presence of principal songwriter Robert Pollard. Guided by Voices disbanded in 2004, though many of its former members remain musically involved in solo careers or other side projects.

A Bunch of Bootlegs
Asia - 2002-02-26 - Vienna
Elvis Presley - 1973-08-30 - Las Vegas
Avril Lavigne - 2007 - Trabendo Session, France
The Who - 1982-10-20 - The Kingdome; Seattle
Johnny Thunder - So All Alone - Let's Go Granny Bashing
Ozzy Osbourne - Fields of Madness
The Who 1989 Tommy Anniversary Tour Join Together @ 320


swclock.jpgDarth Vader Projector Alarm Clock
Star Wars alarm clocks have been done before, but this version is the first to project the time -- and the Vader name -- on the ceiling! In addition, the sinister red glowing snooze button doubles as a nightlight and even sports a figural Vader with saber. (via)

The LEGO Star Wars Clock ($30) can be used as a nightstand accessory or part of your LEGO Star Wars building creation (bricks can be attached to the top). There’s a light up and Snooze alarm feature and the clock comes with Chewbacca and Clone Trooper mini figs.

Before They Were Famous: The 10 Most Regrettable Celebrity Commercials
Shed a tear for the commercial actor. It's a rough life when your career-defining role is "Extremely Satisfied Tampon User No. 3." Few escape this unique hell; even fewer climb to such fame that their early days as corporate shills are all but forgotten. Thankfully, though, Al Gore recognized this deficiency in embarrassing celebrity video/porn presentation technology and invented the Internet. Without it, we might never have seen these early performances from stars at their product-hawking finest.

madmonster.jpgThe Mad Monster
The Mad Monster is a 1942 film. It is a mad scientist Horror Film that uses a Werewolf as a main character. The film was made by Producers Releasing Corporation. The studio was a Poverty Row studio that was renown for low budget movies and was known by the initials P.R.C. The film was made and released in black and White. The movie was directed by Sam Newfield and written by Fred Myton.


captainamerica.jpgYoutube: Captain America death Marvel Comics on CNN ABC GLOBAL
Captain America was killed by a sniper on Captain America issue #25. Marvel Comics makes international news. TV reports from CNN ABC and Global Television. Captain America #25 is a Civil War event tie-in issue. Joe Quesada interview on ABC and CNN.

ironman.jpgIron Man Video Game Concept Art

Image Compression: Seeing What's Not There – In this article, we'll study the JPEG baseline compression algorithm...
The HTML file that contains all the text for this article is about 25,000 bytes. That's less than one of the image files that was also downloaded when you selected this page. Since image files typically are larger than text files and since web pages often contain many images that are transmitted across connections that can be slow, it's helpful to have a way to represent images in a compact format. In this article, we'll see how a JPEG file represents an image using a fraction of the computer storage that might be expected.

10000lights.jpg10.000 changing-color light globes at the Circo Massimo in Rome for the Notte Bianca. A wonderful view, night and day.

Digitales Bundesarchiv
Das Bundesarchiv gibt es jetzt auch als “Digitales Bildarchiv des Bundesarchivs” im Netz: Das Bundesarchiv verwahrt ca. 11 Millionen Bilder, Luftbilder und Plakate zur deutschen Geschichte. Erste Fotografien stammen aus dem Jahr 1860. Schwerpunkte der Überlieferung sind Bilddokumente zu Ereignissen und Personen

Und so.

yakuza.jpgGangster daughter sheds light on Japan underworld
With her dyed-brown long hair and tight designer jeans, Shoko Tendo looks like any other stylish young Japanese woman -- until she removes her shirt to reveal the vivid tattoos covering her back and most of her body. The elaborate dragons, phoenixes and a medieval courtesan with one breast bared and a knife between her teeth are a symbol of Tendo's childhood as the daughter of a "yakuza" gangster and her youth as a drug-using gang member. The author of "Yakuza Moon," a best-selling memoir just out in English, the 39-year-old Tendo says that police efforts to eradicate the gangsters have merely made them harder to track. "The more the police push, the more the yakuza are simply going underground, making their activities harder to follow than they ever were before," she told Reuters in a recent interview.

womantrain.jpgFetish DVDs for men who like women who crush model train sets

P2P comes to mobile phones, promises free calls
A Swedish company is testing a peer-to-peer technology that could allow mobile phone users to call one another directly without needing to bother with those pesky cell towers. TerraNet's technology uses cellular handsets modified to act as peers and nodes on a mesh network.

Ein Euro Betrügereien
Wie kann es sein, dass niemand in der Presse die Frage stellt, wie es sein kann, dass eine Unternehmung der Stadt, in welcher die Arbeitslosen in den Gewerken der Tischlerei, im Maler- und Lackierergewerk oder im Garten- und Landschaftsbaubetrieb des Unternehmens eingesetzt werden, eine Stammbelegschaft von 160 Mitarbeitern und 500 ("in Worten: Fünfhundert") Ein Euro Jobber beschäftigt?

stpetersburg.jpgFotos von St.Petersburg aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.

Top Twenty Five (25) Best Selling Video Games Of All Time
Video Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry where over two (2) billion video game titles have been sold. Below, we examine the top twenty five best selling video games of all time including a title that sold over 20 million copies.

I hate young People
Wenn eine Website schon solch eine URL hat, dann kann ja nur gutes dabei rauskommen... das hier zum Beispiel über Britneyparislindsay.

condom.jpgArt Condoms
Condomania is selling condoms featuring art by Peter Bagge, Coop, Ron English, Johnny Ryan, Peter Kuper, Trevor Brown, Robert Williams, and Winston Smith.

Mind controlled motorized wheelchair demonstrated
You know that the future's here when technology arrives that allows vehicles to be controlled with nothing but a thought. Ambient, in partnership with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, has developed a wheelchair that can be instructed to move when the driver thinks about certain words.

dunklematerie.jpgAstronomers Create 3D Map of Dark Matter
Astronomers have mapped the positions of vast, invisible isles of dark matter in the sky, within which normal "bright" matter galaxies are embedded like glittering gems. The three-dimensional map spans not only space, but also time, and stretches back to when the universe was only about half its present age.

Navarre now generates more than 50% of its energy needs by wind power: a profile of the small autonomous region in northern Spain that is leading the way in renewable energy. This is one of many free access articles in this special supplement on energy issues to the journal Nature. (via)