Universal macht ernst

Sie hatten es bereits angekündigt, jetzt macht Universal ernst, kippt DRM in den Lokus und verkauft bis Januar weite Teile des Katalogs ohne DRM.

The offer of Universal’s music under the new terms is being framed as a test, to run into January, allowing executives to study consumer demand and any effect on online piracy. If Universal decides to adopt the practice permanently, it will probably pressure other record companies to follow suit. That could stoke a wider debate about how to treat intellectual property in the digital era. (New York Times)

Aber, und das ist der Clou, sie verkaufen die Dinger nicht durch iTunes:

People who don't want to pay for music just download it from P2P, where all the music is already available for free, without DRM. If you want to convince people to buy your music, you can't start by making it worse than the free stuff.

So it's inevitable that Universal would come around to this position. They're not selling DRM-free tracks through iTunes (where Apple charges a 30 percent premium) -- they're selling them through Apple's competitors. But since they're MP3s, they'll work in iTunes and on iPods, so Apple customers can get $0.99, DRM-free, iPod-compatible Universal music. (Boing Boing)

Und jetzt bin ich einfach nur sehr, sehr gespannt.