Acid Science

Ich habe ja keine Erfahrung mit Acid und so, ahem, kann mir aber gut vorstellen, dass diese farbklecksverursachenden Dinger wissenschaftlich durchaus interessant sein k??nnen. LSD in der Forschung, Charles Manson und die Hippies, eine Horizon-Dokumentation...

In the late 1960s, human experiments with psychedelic drugs were brought to a halt. Government reacted to the anarchy of the hippy ... all counter-culture. The drug-crazed Charles Manson slayings came to symbolise public fear of the street use of LSD. Funding ceased, and the few researchers who battled on were ostracised. But lost in the blanket ban were remarkable research projects in the field of psychiatry that held out new hope for the treatment of schizophrenia and alcoholism. Bill Eagles' extraordinary film tells the story of a handful of dedicated scientists who have struggled to make psychedelic research respectable again.

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