It's coming home...

03.05.2006 Misc
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Ich: Rob?
Rob: Hallo
Ich: You wrote "show image of England Flag and World Cup"... I can't do that...
Rob: ok
Ich: I can show the Flag, but the Cup belongs to us... u know...
Rob: LOL !!!!!! not for long .. buddy !!!
Ich: dream on, sissy.
Rob: watch it, u big girl's blouse
Ich: pah... we'll kick you guys off the green so you can plant pot on the moon!
Rob: whatever
Ich: yeah
Rob: we invented football it's OURS!
Ich: the chinese invented it some thousand years before you...
Rob: baloney
Ich: and no: its ours!
Rob: have u seen them play?
Ich: yeah, i was there.
Rob: stop wasting me time
Ich: stop wasting mine too.
Rob: lol
Ich: thats biiig fun!