Woody Allen Stutter-Supercut

 Youtube Direktwoody 44 Minuten lang Gestammel von Woody Allen, das komplette Gestotter aus allen Woody-Filmen. Von Ben Craw und Oliver Noble von der HuffPo.

Woody Allen-Surrogates in Woody Allen-Movies

(Vimeo Direktwoody, via Laughing Squid) Von Oliver Noble für Filmdrunk.


Watchmen von anderen Regisseuren

Slate visioniert ein bisschen herum, wie „Watchmen“ von anderen Regisseuren ausgesehen hätte, unter anderem mit Judd Apatow, Sofia Coppola, Quentin Tarantino und Woody Allen. Unter obiger Illu steht: Allen sets his romantic comedy on the Upper West Side, where wealthy dermatologist Dr. Herbert Manhattan (Allen) suffers a freak accident with his dermabrasion machine. How will…

Woody Allens Tagebuch feat. Scarlett Johansson

Woody Allen hat für den Guardian ein offensichtlich fiktives Produktions-Tagebuch zu „Vicky Cristina Barcelona“ geschrieben. Hier die interessanten Teile mit Scarlett: 2 April Offered role to Scarlett Johansson. Said before she could accept, script must be approved by her agent, then by her mother, with whom she's close. Following that, it must be approved by…

Groovy 1970 TV show about surfboard manufacture, with Woody Allen and Jonathan Winters

This 1970 episode of the kids' show HOT DOG demonstrates surfboard manufacture with much groovy graphics and sound, cosmic ruminations on hanging ten, and hilarious cameos from Woody Allen and Jonathan Winters. Gorfulator notes, "This was made by 'HOT DOG,' a TV show I remember because the production company HQ was in my hometown of…

Woody Allen's typography

In a time when movie titles become more and more of a clueless “me too!” affair, Woody Allen’s unique (and relentless) typographic style is entirely praiseworthy. His white type on black opening titles rolling on old jazz or classical music became a part of Woody Allen brand, just like his neurotic dialogues and “his black-rimmed…