Things full of beans that shouldn't be full of beans

Things full of beans that shouldn't be full of beans (Imgur-Rip from this FB-Page). (Not sure about the official looking reply envelope to be honest. Official looking reply envelopes should always be full of beans all things considered, no?

„Top 10 Reasons I Won't Do ASMR“-ASMR-Video

I don't get ASMR and Jenny Nicholson doesn't get ASMR either, but she's also funny. „It's gross, it's really gross.“

Glue Peeling ASMR

I don't get ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response). I mean, I get it from a rational point of view, that there are people who get off on it, but I don't get why there seems to be a whole semi-subcultural movement on the Web, but anyhow. Here's a young lady peeling her glitter skin made…


😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶…


„I filmed my pet doing silly things then poked him with a stick.“

Sweater-Dude makes localized Sweaters (and has fantastic Hair)

Sam Barsky macht DIY-Pullis mit irgendwelchen Orten drauf, besucht diese Orte dann und lässt sich in seinem gehäkelten Lokalmotiv-Sweater ablichten. Neben geilen Pullis und Strick-Skills hat er auch eine formvollendete Frisur. Mehr Haare und kratzende Wollpullis auf seinen Facebooks und in dieser Imgur-Gallerie. (via MeFi)

Weird Sound-FX-Vinyls

Großartiges aus dem fiktiven Weirdo-Kaff Scarfolk: BBC Sound Effects Records (early 1970s). Ich will ’ne Platte voller quietschender Augapfelsounds! Das untröstliche Weinen in der Bibliothek nehme ich aber auch. Und das unangenehme Schweigen.

Gesichtsmuskeltraining per Schwingflügeleinsatzvorrichtungsgerät

The existence of the FACIAL FITNESS PAO(フェイシャルフィットネス パオ) makes me mighty happy.

Roxanne gets faster every time Sting sings Roxanne

Vor zwei Wochen begann YT-User Avoid at All Costs seine Reihe seltsamer Bee-Movie-Remixe. Den Auftakt machte Bee movie trailer but every time they say bee it gets faster und es folgten: Bee movie trailer but every time they say bee it gets slower The bee movie trailer but every time they say bee it does…

Brexit-Wähler wechseln ihre Unnerbuxen seltener

Brexit in your pants. The polling organization YouGov carried out a survey into the U.K.’s clothes washing habits. It found that 84 percent of those surveyed changed their underpants every day. That figure rose to 89 percent for those who voted Remain, and fell to 81 percent for Leave voters. That’s a large enough gap…

Dude throws Eye

Then this happened: Florida Man Busted For Glass Eye Toss. A Florida man in police custody removed his glass eye and threw it at hospital personnel, according to cops who rearrested the suspect on a felony charge. Edward Dorsey, 54, was first arrested Sunday morning on a domestic violence charge [and] was transported to the…

Laser-Skalpell entzündet Furz im OP-Saal

Then this happened: Woman seriously burned after intestinal gas catches fire during surgery. 😱 A patient in Japan was hurt mid-surgery when she passed gas that caught fire causing serious injuries to her body, a university hospital in Tokyo said on Friday. The woman, in her 30s, was undergoing an operation that involved applying a…

Tactical AddOn-Testicles for Assault Rifles

Ich dachte ja immer, wenn man Waffendeppen vorhält, dass sie einen Phallus-Fetisch haben, bekäme man sehr schnell sehr offensichtliche Probleme. Wie gut, dass sie sich das mittlerweile selbst eingestehen und sich Hoden an die Knarren hängen. Is' natürlich nur'n Scherz und so schon klar: „The TAC-SAC fits on any standard picatinny rail and is made…

Pee World VR

Überall hinstrullern mit Pee World VR, die Wunder der Technik von morgen schon heute usw. Die schlagen vor, damit die Echtlebenspinkelsitzungen um virtuelle Realitäten zu erweitern – das Klo der Echtlebenspisser möchte ich nach der virtuell erweiterten Sitzung dann gerne mal sehen so mit dem ganzen erweiterten Pissstrahlergebnis links und rechts und überall neben der…

Tree arrested

John Moe on the Tweeties: „2016? You mean the year Dylan won the Nobel, Trump ran for president, Prince and Bowie died, and a tree got arrested? Yes, I remember it.“ He did not respond to any questions. A friend tells us he was studying the city's traffic patterns. — TVTEDDY (@TVTEDDY) October 24,…