Bioluminescent Organisms and their glowy Bullshit

Hach, Clickhole

Deadly Super Rainbow

The Onion is on a run lately: „Dozens in California are killed after a powerful Super Rainbow burns a trail of destruction across the state.“

The Cow Smashing Machine is all beefed up

Großartiges, böses Fleischding vom Onion. „The Pig-Machine is porking out hardcore.“ The price of meat in the U.S. hit a record high this week after the big machine that takes all the cows and smashes them got real clogged up with beef. Youtube: Meat Prices Skyrocket After Cow Smashing Machine Gets All Beefed Up

The Onion does Buzzfeed

Endlich! The Onion nimmt Buzzfeed und Clickbaiters und die ganzen Klickmich-Arschkriecher und Sharemich-Schleimer aufs Korn. It's about time. Die Seite heisst passenderweise Clickhole und kommt im Juni. "People will climb into this click hole and find content so interesting they won't be able to keep it to themselves," "Haggerty" said. "Every post is engineered to…

The Onion: Bush paints Ghost of iraqi Child that follows him everywhere

 Youtube Direktbush The Onion: „George W. Bush Debuts New Paintings Of Dogs, Friends, Ghost Of Iraqi Child That Follows Him Everywhere.“

Cops kissing Criminals

 Youtube Direktkiss, via Death and Taxes The Onion mal wieder in Hochform: Bloomberg Defends NYPD’s Controversial Stop And Kiss Program. Und: Of Course People Think The Onion's "Stop And Kiss" Parody Video Is Real.

Sponsored Content is pretty fucking awesome

Ich habe, glaube ich, im Leben noch nicht auf Sponsored Content verlinkt. Aber hiermit hat der Onion grade mal die Latte untopbar hochgelegt. Best Sponsored Content ever, besser kann man das nicht machen: Media consumers across the United States are reporting this week that sponsored content—articles and videos paid for by advertisers and distributed by…

The Onions Future News From The Year 2137

 Youtube Direktonion

Jeez, this week

The Onion perfectly wraps up this week: „Citizens across the nation confirmed today that, Jesus, this week. This fucking week, sources added. Christ. […] 'Man oh man,' Alderman added, shaking his head. 'Can you believe this? Can you honestly believe the kind of piece-of-shit week we’re having here?'“

The On1on: It's not funny, cause it's true

The On1on, Reddits Not The Onion als Onion-Spoof. Meine Lieblingsheadlines: - Man sues parents for not loving him enough - The Amish have started using power tools. - Glowing ball of fire in sky to warm city - Christian dubstep is kind of a big deal The On1on (via Waxy)

The Man Inside The Nicolas Cage Costume

X-Posting von den Filmfreunden: The Onion, man muss sie einfach lieben: Meet The Man Inside The Nicolas Cage Costume: „Star Fix has an exclusive interview with the man who has enchanted audiences for the last 30 years playing the delightfully wacky, oversized puppet of Nicolas Cage.“

Apple announces Plans to release Steve Jobs 2

(Onion Direktsteve, via Laughing Squid) Too soon? Naaaa… Von The Onion: „Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that in 2012 the company will release the Steve Jobs 2, an updated version of the revolutionary Apple founder featuring a richer, deeper voice and a sleek new white turtleneck.“

NASA Launches David Bowie Concept Mission

The Onion haben anlässlich der letzten Space Shuttle-Mission nochmal einen alten Artikel von Anfang 2010 gepostet, in dem die NASA eine Bowie-Mission mit Major Tom Louis, Major Tom Greely, Major Tom Ohweiler, Major Thomas Sinclair und Major Tom Keenan startet, während der die fünf Toms sexuelle Identitäten in Zero-G untersuchen sollen. NASA officials announced today…

Onion-Like Headlines In Real-Life

Mein Lieblingstumblr für die nächsten fünf Minuten: Onion-Like Headlines In Real-Life (via Laughing Squid)

Literally Unbelievable: Blogs about People believing Shit from The Onion

Mein neues Lieblingsblog für die nächsten fünf Minuten: Literally Unbelievable – Stories from The Onion as interpreted by Facebook. Das Video zum Bild oben hatte ich neulich bei den Filmfreunden gebloggt, hier nochmal: (Onion Direktpotter, via Jason Kottke) The Onion mit einem Insiderbericht, laut dem Warner die letzten Minuten aus dem zweiten Teil des siebten…