ROFLCon Mini-Doku

(Motherboard DirektROFLCon, thanx Matt!) Schöne 20minütige Minidoku über die ROFLCon in San Francisco, die dieses Jahr zum zweiten Mal stattfand. For one weekend every two years, the viral internet comes together IRL (in real life). Yup, it’s as bad as it sounds. And by bad, we mean really, really awesome. ROFLCon, the brainchild of a…

When Matt met Keyboard Cat at ROFLCon II

(Youtube Direktmatt, via Waxy) Wer die Headline dreimal hintereinander ohne Fehler laut aufsagen kann, gewinnt 'nen Keks. Bonustrack: Keyboard Cat after Dentist.

So, Tron Guy, Gem Sweater Lady, and the Firefox Walk Into a Bar ...

Jay Maynard is Tron Guy famous — largely due to the fact that the 47-year-old computer consultant occasionally walks around in a hand-painted unitard inspired by characters from the movie Tron. On April 18, 2004, the tech blog Slashdot linked to a photo gallery of Maynard modeling his costume — complete with blue electroluminescent wires…

A Day in the Life of The Tron Guy

Jay Maynard shot to internet fame by dressing like a character from the movie Tron. In this pod vc2 producer, Jean Nagy, joins Jay as he dons his Tron outfit and heads to the inaugural ROFLCon for internet memes on the MIT Campus. Link (via)

The new fame: Internet celebrity

The Internet is setting a new standard for celebrity. Fame is no longer about getting "15 minutes," it's about becoming famous to 15 people. Link

Are Tron Guy and Xkcd the Future of Celebrity?

If you ever watched the Star Wars Kid and Homestar Runner, or gawked at the Tron Guy and web comic Xkcd, you're changing the future of celebrity. You're building a world where Paris Hilton and Tom Cruise will be replaced by captioned pictures of cats and clever comics about algebra. At least, that was the…

Behind the Memes: Will Chuck Norris Facts Ever Die?

When Ian Spector first began fooling around posting jokes about actor Vin Diesel on forum threads in 2005, he had no idea his after-school tinkerings would snowball into one of the more widely known memes on the internet. After toying around with the idea of posting one-liner riffs on celebs like Samuel L. Jackson and…


Behind the Memes: JibJabbin' the Day Away

As in-house producers for online comedy network JibJab, Adam Mutterperl and Andy Ochiltree have free range to lampoon almost anything in their animated shorts. "We'll take whatever is popular and skewer it," said Ochiltree, who began working for the humor site in 2004. "Within reason." Link



An diesem Wochenende findet in Cambridge die ROFLCon statt, die Konferenz für die Web-Memes vom Tron Guy bis zu den Machern der LOLCats. Ich feiere das beste davon in den Links ab, umfassendere Infos gibt's bei Wired. Und das Coachella-Festival ist ja auch grade...


ROFLCon: Welcome to the Fame Revolution

Welcome to the fame revolution, or what keynoter Weinberger, a fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society and author of The Cluetrain Manifesto, described as "our fame," a massive shift in the definition of celebrity. The elite ranks of the famous, usually reserved for broadcast or traditional media celebrities, are now being…


ROFLCon 2008 Photos


Behind the Memes: Kickin' It With the I Can Has Cheezburger? Kids

It all started with a picture of a cat. In early 2007, after a bad day at work, Eric Nakagawa asked his friend Kari Unebasami to send him a photo of something cute to make him feel better. She sent over a few cat images, superimposed with phonetically spelled phrases, or LOLspeak, and the two…

ROFLCon: It's Not Easy Being Memes

Internet memes are a dime a dozen, thanks to an oversaturated meme market. Create a quirky webcomic dedicated to dysfunctional office humor? Big deal. Have a hit viral video on YouTube? Who doesn't? Welcome to the era of the microcelebrity –- where people become famous among small pockets of devoted followers. The real challenge isn't…

ROFLCon Organizers & The Tron Guy on Internet Superstar

Speaking of ROFLcon, Tim Hwang and Diana Kimball, two of the main organizers of ROFLcon, along with ROFLCon guest of honor The Tron Guy, are the featured guests on the latest episode of Internet Superstar. Link