The Herpes-Heroine in a Quadruplet of Tank the Attack-Dog full of Bees

Bees vs Football und Labrador Retriever Attack Dog via Arbroath, Animatronic Eye Mechanism via io9, Herpes-Heroine via Marco. Alles nach dem Klick.


The Science of the Drug called Charlie Sheen and the Quadruplet of Tigerblood

Astrophysiker Neil deGrasse Tyson twitterte neulich: „During his visit to my office @CharlieSheen asked deep questions about the cosmos.He's more scientifically literate than most“. Und Sheril Kirshenbaum hat im Discover Mag eine schlüssige Erklärung zur „Drug called Charlie Sheen“: I suspect he may have more dopamine receptors dotting the tips of his nerve cells than…


Ducks are running down the Street with a stringtheoretic Robocat while playing „Killing in the Name of“ in a Quadruplet of WTF

Eine Cyborg-Katze mit Mecha-Sounds, ein Stringtheory-Song, eine Bande Kids, die RATMs „Killing in the Name of“ singen und ein Haufen Gänse und Enten, die die Straße entlangrennen und gleich eine ganze Handvoll Bonustracks inklusive alten Männern mit Lichtschwertern, 90s-Internet und einem Steampunk Tornado-Generator, alles nach dem Klick.


Tourette Karaoke sings the Real Life Hampster Dance in a Quadruplet of WTF

Real Life Hampsterdance mit Hampsterdance-Musik, Google Earth-Skydiving, Coin-Pixel-Stopmotion, Lego Black Ops und ein Tourette Karaoke Duett-Cover von The Pogues' „Fairy Tale of New York“ nach dem Klick.

Super Mario Galaxy don't stops irish wanking Bankers who have Sex in the Quadruplet-City of WTF

Iron Maiden - The Trooper (Bossa Nova Version) via Maxomat, Video Game Cheats in Real Life! via Superlevel, Irish Wanking Bankers via Radio Clash Blog, Super Mario Galaxy - Queen - Don't Stop Me Now via Langweiledich.net. Bonustrack: Some Kind of Agit Prop Monster via BBS: „absurd remix of Sex and the City 2 trailer…

Quadruplet of WTF: Kittens with Teddys flying over New York City

Alien Cat on UFO. (iRobot Roomba Vacuum) via Laughing Squid, New York City via Waxy, Cute Kitten Hugs His Teddy Bear (with Music) via Arbroath, Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (Death Metal Version) via Martin. Bonustrack: MONGO-MAN by ZOSIMOS PICTURES (Vimeo Direktmongo, via Beautiful Decay) Vorher auf Nerdcore: Quadruplet of WTF: Cats vs Crows vs…

Quadruplet of WTF: Cats vs Crows vs Frisbees vs Dogs with new Shoes

    Booba's New Shoes - The Translation via Arbroath, Crows vs Cat vs Cat Street Fight via BoingBoing, Classic video game characters in a race via HYST, Potato Ball in Potato Box via Wonderhowto. Bonustrack: 1974 Frisbee (Youtube Direktfrisbee, via Mogreens) Vorher auf Nerdcore: Quadruplet of WTF: Linda Blair whips her Hair with Slayer…

Quadruplet of WTF: Linda Blair whips her Hair with Slayer

          Slayer Christmas Lights Lightorama via Spreeblick, Angy Birds Peace Treaty via Devour, Whip Yo Exorcist via Kotzendes Einhorn, My PVC Instrument, DRS Talent Show via MeFi. Bonustrack: Jem Melts Rock Using Sunshine: „Jem Stansfield travels to the Solar Furnace Research Facility in Southern France. He witnesses the incredible power generated…

A Quadruplet fights Evil Ninja Hamsters with breakdancing Robots

          Evil Hamster via Malcolm (der's von einem Tweet von mir hat), Breakdance Robot via Underwire, Great Swords Meat Bike via Kotzendes Einhorn, Japan Coast Guard at Senkaku via MeFi. Bonustrack: Musikvideo/Kurzfilm zu „Into the Cosmos“ von Architeq/Chopsy mit Stopmotion-Vinyl (via Cartoon Brew). Originally it was conceived as a short film…

A Quadruplet of WTF jumps thru a Hoola Hoop

          Four grown men jump through a hula hoop via Doobybrain, Chatuchak Weekend Market Thai Iced Tea, Bangkok via Gilly, Condom Bagpipe via Arbroath, Dancing Sperm: a Mandala via Dangerous Minds, Bonustrack: Anamorphic Ghettoblaster Illusion via HYST: Vorher auf Nerdcore: The Quadruplet of WTF: „Umm… okay, like. see there w as…