Buy It For Me!: Every NES Game Released

There’s an eBay auction going on right now for an NES and every game ever released in a gray cartridge (no golden Zeldas), along with two that never were (California Raisins and Final Fantasy 2)! Link


Complete NES + Screen Hacked Into Cartridge

Granted, this hack doesn’t play carts. It relies on the games already burned into the Nintendo-on-a-chip setup that powers the whole thing. The creator adds that it wasn’t a very difficult hack – most of the work was in positioning…


Giant NES Controller Table: Fun and Functional!

Kyle Downes of Ultra Awesome blog made a giant NES controller coffee table/storage place. What’s so neat about it is that the controller actually works! (Imagine hitting a 3.5 inch / 90 mm wide A and B buttons repeatedly, you…


Working NES squeezed into … an NES cartridge

All right, we’ll admit that headline is a little inaccurate. The heavily modified Super Mario Bros. cart shown above actually plays Japanese Famicom carts (like the not-at-all-bootleg Super Bros. 5), not the slightly larger American NES carts. Semantics aside, we’re…


4-in-1 retro console

This 4-in-1 Atari 2600/NES/Genesis/Super NES combo system actually began its life sometime circa early 2002, and at the time it only consisted of a Sega Genesis/32X and Super NES. Soon after accidentally destroying the 32X (no big loss) and moving…