Sweary Star Trek

Mein favorite Tweetie-Feed für die nächsten 5 Minuten: Swear Trek. Gibt's auch als Tumblr.

Giant I Don't Give A Fuck-Stempel

When the whole world is like POKÉMON and you're like… Kommt von Le Tampographe Sardon, der noch sehr viele weitere großartige Stempel am Start hat.

Samuel „Motherfucker“ Jackson explains Game of Thrones

„Fuck those Dragons“.

Scottish Trump-Insults, ranked

Drumpf today tweeted „Just arrived in Scotland. Place is going wild over the vote.“ Ofcourse, Scotland voted to stay in the EU and because they are Scots, they so had none of it. Here's the most beautiful scottish Trump-Insultsof the day, ranked from „boring but still kinda hurting“ to „soulshattering persona-destruction“: Donald you fool wiggy…

Tourettes Guy sings FuckFuckFuckFuckFuck

So, Tourettes Guy is making a splash again. Tourette Karaoke also still around. (via Willy)

Rage Yoga is a thing!

I never gave a fuck about yoga, but this may change that: Rage Yoga, „[reyj yoh-guh] noun: a practice involving stretching, positional exercises and bad humor, with the goal of attaining good health and to become zen as f*ck. More than just a practice, Rage Yoga is an attitude.“ She told CBC News, “When I…

Die Kulturgeschichte des Stinkefingers 🖕

Ich bin ja eigentlich gar nicht da, aber der geht noch: DRadio Kultur hat einen kurzen Podcast und Interview mit Gestenforscher Reinhard Krüger, der grade ein Buch über die Kulturgeschichte des Fickfingers geschrieben hat (gibt's leider nur gedruckt, pff). Long Story short: It's all about the Schwanzvergleich. Als Repräsentation des erigierten Penis sei der ausgestreckte…

Every fucking Bootstrap-Page

„Take a look around at the same fucking bootstrap page you've seen ten million times before! Featuring all the same things as those pages! Want to make an original website yourself? Forget that! Who would ever want to put in all of that effort for a website?“

Go Fucking Work

Anti-Prokrastinations-Plugin für Chrome: „Go do some FUCKING work. Stop being an unproductive little shit. Block fucking time-wasting websites. Every time you try to procrastinate, you get told to get straight back to fucking work. Choose what sites make you fucking fail at working. Pause when you need a fucking break.“ Go fucking work!

Atlas swearing

„What the fuck, Kevin?“ (via Dailydot)

Bill Mahers State of the motherfucking Union

YT: „Bill Maher concluded his show tonight by delivering a gloriously profane State of the Union to show just how coarse Donald Trump is making American politics.“

Encyclopedia of Donald Trumps Twitter Insults

„Donald Trump has used Twitter to lob insults at presidential candidates, journalists, news organizations, nations, a Neil Young song and even a lectern in the Oval Office. We know this because we’ve read, tagged and quoted them all“: Donald Trump’s Twitter Insults: The Complete List (So Far)

Lutheran Insulter

Sich mal so richtig wie weiland von Luther beleidigen lassen: Lutheran Insulter. Hier die komplette Liste aller Beleidigungen. „There you are, like butter in sunshine.“ Okay. Den Shakespear Insulter finde ich 'ne Spur unterhaltsamer: „Your face is as a book, where men may read strange matters“. (via MeFi)

Fucks given in Movie-History

„The history of cursing in Hollywood movies and the first utterances of curse words on screen.“

All the Fucks in Tarantino Movies

Vor zehn Jahren (!) hatte ich hier eine Fucking Short Version von Tarantinos Pulp Fiction am Start. Zur Illustration des allgemeinen kulturellen Wandels und der ästhetischen Vielfalt im Internet hat nun einer Every "Fuck" from Every Tarantino Film supergecuttet. We've come a long, long way, it seems. Fucking Fucks. (via Maik) Fucking Short Versions auf…