Sam „Pizza Hawaii“ Panopoulos R.I.P.

Sam Panopoulos, Erfinder der Pizza Hawaii, ist im Alter von 83 Jahren gestorben. Ich bin der Ananas mit Käse nicht abgeneigt und meine Mutti war süchtig danach, ihre Monodiät bestand praktisch aus Pizza Hawaii und Toast Hawaii und ich habe da so oft genug mitgefuttert, dass ich Herrn Panopoulos wohl echt dankbar sein muss für…

When life gives you lemons make Cthulhu

„Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!“ (Altes Sprichwort aus Innsmouth, grob übersetzt: „Boah wie sauer ey!“) (via Daniel)

How To make a Banana Hash-Pipe

You got your problems, I got my Banana Hash-Pipe. (via Ronny) A lot of people know you can make an apple into device to smoke weed, but did you know you can also use a banana? Watch in amazement as Abdullah show us how in just a few steps you can transform your breakfast into…

Fresh Fruit Toiletpaper

Schickes Toilettenpapier in Frucht-Packaging für ’nen Zehner von Kazuaki Kawahara. (via Spoon Tamago)

Aluminium in a Watermelon

Was passiert, wenn man geschmolzenes Aluminium in eine Wassermelone kippt? Genau dasselbe, wie bei den bekannten Ameisenbaualuminiumexperimenten. (via Ronny)

Sparkling Gen-Apples

In 'nem schweizer Labor haben sie bizzelnde Äpfel mit Kohlensäure gezüchtet. Apfelschorle zum abbeißen, quasi. Devised by the mad scientists at Swiss fruit company Lubera, the so-called “Paradis Sparkling Apple” releases fizzy juice when an eater bites into it. The culinary miracle was the result of cross-breeding two different apple varieties — the Resi and…

Peaches sold as sexy Butts

„Movin' to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches.“ Soundtrack nach dem Klick:

Plastic Banana Cocaine

Then this happened… Cocaine with an estimated street value of £25m has been found hidden in a consignment of bananas from Colombia. Scotland Yard said 150kg of the drug was found packed into plastic bananas following an "intelligence-led" operation. BBC: Cocaine valued at £25m found in banana delivery

Fake Melons with Marijuana

Mmmmmm… Melonen! Ich liebe Melonen! A Mexican drug cartel recently used its painting skills to smuggle millions of dollars of marijuana into the United States, a brushstroke of genius of sorts until the effort was uncovered by a federal border agent. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents stopped a suspicious tractor trailer late Thursday…

Mutant Apple from Kingston Town

In Kingston Town haben sie einen Granny Smith/Red Delicious-Mutantenapfel gefunden: The apple was grown on Ms Staples' property in Kingston, southern Tasmania, and after posting the photo to social media she says her friends simply couldn't believe it. Former specialist apple grower Bob Magnus says until now he'd never seen an apple like the one…

The Frankenberry Witches Fingers

Das sind Weintrauben. Ein „Grape Technologist“ hat auf Reddit dazu ein paar Erklärungen am Start, die Dinger werden gezüchtet, indem man die Reben mit einer anderen Gattung kreuzt. Dazu gibt es zwei Sachen zu sagen: „Grape Technologists“ do exist, und: Es ist ein grandioser Job, so wie's scheint. Der Mann reist über den kompletten Planeten,…

Lesbian loves Watermelon, won't dress like it

 Youtube Direktmelon Im Video oben erklärt Frau Hartbeat, warum sie sich nicht kleidet wie eine Wassermelone. Und in New York gehen nach einer Serie von Gewaltverbrechen an Homosexuellen Real Life Superheroes auf die Straße: After the May 18 killing of gay Harlem resident Mark Carson, 33, and several beatings of gay men across the city,…

Tomato Hairstyle from Japan

In Japan rennt man jetzt anscheinend mit Tomatenhaaren rum. Frucht-Frisuren FTW! あまりに斬新すぎるヘアスタイルが話題に!再現性高すぎ!(via Kotaku)

Bananas... How to Serve Them!

Bananas... How to Serve Them Part 1, Part 2. Bananas... How to Serve Them is a great 50+ page booklet of banana recipes published in 1940 by the Home Economics Department, NY NY. Everything is covered, from entrees to breads, to desserts, ice creams, shakes, sauces, salads, sandwiches and more! And if for some reason…

Creepy Baby-Pears

Baby-Birnen aus einem chinesischen Supermarkt. Yummy! Retailing in Chinese as “happy/joyful doll pears”, the fruit is believed to be shaped during its initial stages of growth using special molds. From then, the fruit continues to expand with the same proportions until it reaches maturation as a fully-grown baby… pear… monster thing. Creepy Baby Pears Will…