President Flip Flops

Trumps Twitter-FlipFlops on FlipFlops: „Going back on your word, one step at a time.“ (via Boing Boing)

Podcasts: Tobe Hooper, Paul Feyerabend, die Gesetze der Form und Conversations with People who hate me

Dradio Kultur: Zum Tod von Tobe Hooper – Der Großmeister der Angst (MP3, Info): "What happened is true." - es ist tatsächlich geschehen – verspricht das Filmplakat zu "Texas Chain Saw Massacre", mit dem der Regisseur Tobe Hooper im Jahr 1974 das Horrorgenre gründlich aufmöbelte. Zuvor hatte der bis dahin hauptsächlich als Lehrer tätige Regisseur…

I want Pee Tape Ice Cream!

Unfortunately for everyone, it's not real. But I love the suggestions by Aaron Fernandez about its ingredients: „White Russian base with a lemon creme ripple and flecks of edible gold leaf.“ Would totally pee on it eat it.

Ivanka Del Rey

„This is what Ivanka Trump would sound like as a Lana Del Rey song.“

Studies of Alt-Right-Subcultures

Seit gestern geht ein Quartz-Artikel von Tim Squirrell rum, in dem er grob seine Untersuchungen der Sprache der Alt-Right vorstellt. Der Artikel ist ganz amüsant, aber für ernsthafte Infos unbrauchbar, fängt schon bei „Taxonomy of Trolls“ an, die er in Shitposters, MRA, Anti-progressive gamers, Anti-globalists und White Supremacists unterteilt, which is bullshit und super-willkürlich. Alle…

Da-DaDaDa-Dada-Da, Da-DaDaDa-Dada-Da, Antifa!

🤣😃😂: Dada-Dada-Da-Da-Da-Da, Dada-Dada-Da-Da-Da. Antifa! At one point Trump up and shouted “Antifa!” which would have been weird enough on its own — “They show up in the helmets and the black masks and they have clubs and everything. Antifa!” — but the moment was made even weirder by Trump’s cadence, effectively shouting the word as…

Trump XTC

In Osnabrück haben sie 5000 Trump-XTCs beschlagnahmt, natürlich in orange-farbener Monokultur. Zum Vergleich (Bild unten): Die Obama-Pillen gab's in grün, rot, blau und orange. (via Ronny) German police say they have seized thousands of tablets of the party drug ecstasy in the shape of Donald Trump’s head, a haul with an estimated street value of…

Spicer Out-GIF

„White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigned […] the New York Times reported. The White House communications staff were meeting in Spicer’s office Friday morning, and applause was heard shortly before the Times report.“ And there is only one appropriate GIF to commemorate the occasion, I mean… Jesses Pants were on fire 27% of the…

Gollum reads Trump-Tweets

One of my favorite Trump-Parodies is the Twitter-Feed of Gollum J. Trump. It does exactly what you think it does and Gollum seems to know it, too: „No better voice could embody Trump's maniacal, power-hungry ranting than […] Andy Serkis [the Original Gollum]: Andy Serkis Becomes Gollum To Read Trump's Tweets“. Vorher auf NC: Mark…

Modern Presidential Bodyslam

Ich hatte ja gestern nacht schon meinen Spaß mit Modern Presidential, aber jetzt hat der Typ tatsächlich in seiner Rolle als Prez das Video getwittert, das für meine Begriffe das Ur-Video aller Unpresidential-Prez-Videos ist: Der Trump-Bodyslam. Nur diesmal aktualisiert mit seinem „Fraud-News“-Gefasel. I find this far funnier than I should tbh. #FraudNewsCNN #FNN —…

A Stephen King-Story of 2 Presidents

I find this far funnier than I should: „Stephen King has now been honored by two U.S. presidents: National Medal of Arts from @BarackObama, Twitter block by @realDonaldTrump“ Stephen King has now been honored by two U.S. presidents:- National Medal of Arts from @BarackObama- Twitter block by @realDonaldTrump — Anthony Breznican (@Breznican) June 13,…

Tweets of Trouble

I find this far funnier than I should. (And I'm not convinced this is a photoshop. Differences in the same letters, lighreflections on the plasic-letters seems authentic. And it's a pretty fine song too.) (via @kjoerwin)

Reality leaks

The Intercept veröffentlichte gestern neue NSA-Leaks mit Beweisen für Wahl-Hacks der Russen. Direkt nach der Veröffentlichung wurde nun eine Frau Winner festgenommen: Prosecutors allege that last month, Winner, who was working for the defense contractor Pluribus International Corporation, printed an NSA document detailing how Russia had hacked a voting equipment vendor in Florida and was…

British Power Slave tastes like real Rockstar Testicles

Poster und Flyer am 10 Pfund bei Wankers of the world. (via @b3ta_links)

Podcasts: Sid Vicious, Baudrillards Simulacra, das Wörterbuch der Unruhe und das Märchen vom unglaublichen Super-Kim aus Pjöngjang

Jede Menge Podcasts und Hörspiele, die ich in den letzten Wochen gehört habe, unter anderem ein Hörspiel um einen mutierenden Wald, Podcasts über philosophische Wörterbücher, das Ende der Ruhe, Protest-Songs, Isaac Asimov, die Beatles und jede Menge mehr. (Podcast-Sammlungen gibt's als MP3-Feed unter der URL Danke Michael!) WDR: Vicious (MP3): „Bösartig, ignorant, schlagkräftig, feindlich.…

Climate Agreement Pullout-Playlist

Daily Beast-Writer Asawin Suebsaeng a couple of minutes before Trump pulled out: Military jazz quartet accompanying Trump's Paris pull-out announcement at WH: "Surreal...its like the Titanic band," 1 guy here says — Asawin Suebsaeng (@swin24) June 1, 2017 McSweeneys a couple of minutes after Trump pulled out: SET LIST FOR THE BAND AT PRESIDENT…

Cassetteboys FakeNews-Compilation

„We're gonna end on this inspiring note: Tonight, nobody's safe – President Trump smoking Pot and demands money to get higher than former President Obama.“

The Covfefe is strong in this one

Trump is out of fucks to give and so is everyone else: "And just before you serve it, you hit it with a dash of #Covfefe" — Charles M. Blow (@CharlesMBlow) May 31, 2017 The Covfefe Incident

Pope sez Fuck Your Hand!

I find this far funnier than I should:

Hell is impatient, Goldenboy.

Then this happened: A sinkhole has opened in front of President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club, according to an email alert from the Town of Palm Beach in Florida. The sinkhole is just west of Mar-a-Lago’s southern entrance, where workers are gathered. The 4-foot by 4-foot hole is in front of the club and appears to…

*RECORDSCRATCH*FREEZEFRAME* Pope: Yep that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation. 👹😡

Ich muss mir dieses Bild vom Trump beim Papst ins Blog kleben und ein paar der tausend Meme dazu. Pics via Holler, Simon und your's truly (der Curb-Shoop), Meme-Headline geklaut von Benjy.)

Frog Face

Mike Mitchell and the Saga of the Frog Face: „BREAKING: Trump Introduces us to His Newest Cabinet Member, a Frog Painted on His Face.“

Kill All Normies!

Kommendes Buch von Angela Nagle beim Zero Books-Verlag aus England, eine umfassende Betrachtung der „Online culture wars from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the alt-right“ aus anti-antifeministischer Perspektive. Ist umgehend auf meine GeilesInternet-Bücherliste gewandert und vorbestellt, das Teil erscheint am 30. Juni. Zero Books: Kill All Normies – Online culture wars from 4chan and…

Suddenly, in a flash of light… Hillary vanishes!

The Outline mit dem zweiten Teil ihrer Watchmen-Remix-Serie für unsere geile neue Zeit: Hillarys Escape. Teil 1: And I'll look down and whisper „It will be terrific“. Months after Hillary Clinton's failed campaign to be president of the United States, the former secretary of state makes a rare appearance to discuss the future of the…

Protest Sine

Großartige Protest-Schilder vom March of Science gestern, mehr bei CNN, Washington Post, Time, und Motherboard.