Vandalen schmeißen Krokodile in Schule

Vandalen schmeißen Krokodile in Schule

Maskierte Unbekannte hatten so die Schnauze voll von der Schule in Humpty Doo, dass sie drei Krokodile da reingeschmissen haben. Scheiß auf die Krokodile – HUMPTY DOO! Vandals set three saltwater crocodiles loose in an Australian school office on Sunday. […] A gang of masked intruders then vandalises the office. Wildlife rangers who captured the…

10 Hours of the infamous ɹoʇɐƃıןןɐ ǝןıpoɔoɹɔ ɹoıɹǝʇuı

10 Hours of the infamous ɹoʇɐƃıןןɐ ǝןıpoɔoɹɔ ɹoıɹǝʇuı

The ɹoʇɐƃıןןɐ ǝןıpoɔoɹɔ ɹoıɹǝʇuı drives his ǝɹʇɐǝɥʇ ǝıʌoɯ ʇǝןoɹǝʌǝɥɔ for 10 hours. Classic shit is classic.



In Indonesien machen sie keine halben Sachen: „Indonesia’s anti-drugs agency has proposed building a prison on an island guarded by crocodiles to hold death row drug convicts, an official has said, an idea seemingly taken from a James Bond film. The proposal is the pet project of anti-drugs chief Budi Waseso, who plans to visit…

Bee and Butterfly drinking Crocodile-Tears

New Scientist: Bee and butterfly drink crocodile tears: „For more than 15 minutes, the bee and the butterfly indulged in the protein-rich tipple on a scorching day in December 2013.“ Vorher auf Nerdcore: Bees drinking human Tears

Snake eats Croc

Only in Australia: We saw the snake fighting with the crocodile - it would roll the crocodile around to get a better grip, and coil its body around the crocodile's legs to hold it tight. […] "After the crocodile had died, the snake uncoiled itself, came around to the front, and started to eat the…

Vintage Postcards from The Alligator Farm

Großartige Sammlung oller Postkarten: „The following old postcards and other images of the California Alligator Farm, provide a great visual look back at the history of the California Alligator Farm in Los Angeles, California“. (via MeFi) Da gibt's noch mehr, meine Favorites: Movieland Wax Museum, California Oil Wells, Homes of Movie Stars, Japanese Village and…

Hippos licking Crocodiles

(Youtube Direkthippo, via Arbroath) Wie beginnt man so 'nen Samstag am besten? Genau, mit Nilpferden, die Krokodile ablecken. Wissenschaftler rätseln noch, warum die das machen, ich hätte da eine Theorie: Krokodilschleimhaut wirkt auf Nilpferde genau wie das Hautsekret der Aga-Kröte auf uns und die Viecher schießen sich mit der Krokodilableckerei ganz einfach auf 'nen Trip.…


Crocodile Cage

Hai-Käfige sind doch sowas von 1975 (Jaws!), heute taucht man gefälligst in Krokodil-Käfigen! Tourists to this unusual theme park are sure to get some holiday snaps with a difference. Inspired by the popularity of cage shark-diving, a tourist attraction has opened that allows adrenalin junkies the chance to swim with killer crocodiles. And, as these…

Feeding time at the Zoo: Papier-Krokodil frisst Papier-Kinder

(Youtube Direktcrocodile, via Drawn) Hier eine Maschine aus Papier: Feeding time at the Zoo. Ich schätze mal, wenn man da einmal angefangen hat, zu kurbeln, kann man nie wieder aufhören.

Crocodile Cage of Death

Ever wanted to come face-to-face with a real live crocodile? Well, now you can, at the newly-opened Crocosaurus Cove theme park in Darwin, Australia. Link