How To make a Banana Hash-Pipe

You got your problems, I got my Banana Hash-Pipe. (via Ronny) A lot of people know you can make an apple into device to smoke weed, but did you know you can also use a banana? Watch in amazement as Abdullah show us how in just a few steps you can transform your breakfast into…

Wearable Banana

Wearable Banana

Nette Spielerei von 'nem Obstverkäufer, der Bananen mit Sensoren und LED-Screen aufsext und den Tokyo Marathon damit ausstattet. (Ist natürlich Werbung für den Obstbauer und dann bescheisst der auch noch: Das Arduino mit GPS passte nicht in die Frucht und nun muss der Banana-wearende Läufer das Teil irgendwo hinkleben.)

Skyscraper Banana Selfie

Skyscraper Banana Selfie

Daniel Lau, Andrew Tso und noch jemand futtern Bananen und schießen ein Videoselfie, 346m über Hong Kong.


Plastic Banana Cocaine

Then this happened… Cocaine with an estimated street value of £25m has been found hidden in a consignment of bananas from Colombia. Scotland Yard said 150kg of the drug was found packed into plastic bananas following an "intelligence-led" operation. BBC: Cocaine valued at £25m found in banana delivery

Anti-Racism Banana-Meme

Scheiß auf Fußball, aber das hier ist großartig: Nachdem irgendwelche Rassisten eine Banane nach Barcelona-Spieler Dani Alves geworfen hatten, hat der die einfach aufgegessen: „'We have suffered this in Spain for some time,' Alves said. 'You have to take it with a dose of humour. We aren't going to change things easily. If you don't…

Banana with a AK47

Then this happened: Beaumont police were called to Eastex Freeway near Highway 105 Saturday morning by people complaining about a man dressed as a banana holding an AK-47. Derek Poe, owner of Golden Triangle Tactical, told 12News Saturday that it was part of the store's grand opening after moving locations from Parkdale Mall. Poe said…

Dude arrested for attacking Girlfriend with a Banana

And then this happened: A Pasco County man spent new years day behind bars, after sheriff's deputies say he assaulted his live in girlfriend with a banana. […] When [the Cops] arrived, Smolinsky's live-in girlfriend told them he threw a banana at her. Smolinsky denied the accusation and told deputies she threw the banana at…

Banana Graffiti

I just can't get enough of Banana Drawings. Here's Marta Grossis Banana Graffiti. (via Designboom) Vorher auf Nerdcore: Tattooed Manga-Bananas Tattooed Bananas Banana Drawings

Tattooed Manga-Bananas

End Cape aus Japan tättowiert Bananen mit einer Sicherheitsnadel und malt sie so mit Mangas voll. Nice! Vorher auf Nerdcore: Tattooed Bananas Banana Drawings

Unexpected Banana

 Youtube Direktbanana, via Arbroath Banana-Costumes are the new Horseheads.

Banana Pool Table

There's always an Eightball on the Banana Pool. A BANANA POOL! Von Cléon Daniel. (via Designboom)

Bananas... How to Serve Them!

Bananas... How to Serve Them Part 1, Part 2. Bananas... How to Serve Them is a great 50+ page booklet of banana recipes published in 1940 by the Home Economics Department, NY NY. Everything is covered, from entrees to breads, to desserts, ice creams, shakes, sauces, salads, sandwiches and more! And if for some reason…

Tattooed Bananas

Honey (Twitter) aus New York macht normalerweise schöne Illustrationen mit einem nicht so ganz graden Strich, wie ich ihn gerne mag. Und manchmal tätowiert sie Bananen mit einer Sicherheitsnadel. Toll! (via MyModernMet) Vorher auf Nerdcore: Banana Drawings

Banana Drawings

Für mehr Hand-Lettering auf Bananen: Banana Drawings (via Quipsologies)

Inside the International Banana Museum

 Vimeo Direktbanana Cool Hunting hat das International Banana Museum besucht. There are many interesting and odd things to be found off the shores of the dying Salton Sea in southern California but maybe one of the most unique is the International Banana Museum. Recently transplanted from Culver City, the museum occupies a squat building on…