Star Wars ordered a Drone Deflector Shield


Die Pinewood Studios, in denen grade die neuen Star Wars-Teile gedreht werden, hatten im Sommer ein Deflektor Drone Shield von einer gleichnamigen Firma bestellt, um Leaks wie den dieses einen X-Wing zu verhindern. Drone Shield durften ihr Produkt aber nicht ausliefern, wegen Exportbestimmungen und sowas. Frei nach Palpatine: „Oh, I’m afraid the deflector shield won’t be operational when your friends arrive.“

[Pinewood Studios] ordered one “DroneShield,” a product that can supposedly detect the presence of drones nearby. According to the company, a DroneShield can “provide advanced warning of helicopters and drones commonly used by paparazzi and media. Alerts are sent by email or SMS and can be linked to alarm and security response teams and data collected is preserved for subsequent legal proceedings.”

In any case, the folks over at DroneShield say that Pinewood Studios never actually got the product: The State Department keeps close tabs on products like these that are shipped overseas, and a rep at DroneShield told me the company’s export application never went through. So, no DroneShield to protect against Star Wars leaks.

Star Wars Ordered a ‘DroneShield’ to Prevent Leaks On Set (via /.)

iPhone 6 Plus vs 6 vs 5S vs 5C vs 5 vs 4S vs 4 vs 3GS vs 3G vs 2G Drop Test!

iPhone 6 Plus vs 6 vs 5S vs 5C vs 5 vs 4S vs 4 vs 3GS vs 3G vs 2G Drop Test!

Man konnte diesem Typen, der vor laufenden TV-Kameras sein nagelneues iPhone 6 zerlegt, gestern ja nicht entkommen. Über 8 Millionen Hits hat das orignale Video schon, die Leute stehen drauf. Also soll die Masse auch bekommen, was sie will. You…

♫ Are Video Games Sexist? ♫ Auto-Tune Rebuttal

♫ Are Video Games Sexist? ♫ Auto-Tune Rebuttal

Jonathan Manns Song A Day #2088: ♫ Are Video Games Sexist? ♫ Auto-Tune Rebuttal. Wahrscheinlich der beste Weg, um den GamerGate-Crap zu diskutieren: Wir singen uns einfach gegenseitig an. Dann gibt’s auch nur Gewinner auf allen Seiten. Die Dame oben…

Local Grandmother Quilts Giant Penises

Frau Holly Polyester Stewart hat sich 300 Dollar auf Kickstarter zusammengekratzt für ihre Ausstellung Local Grandmother Quilts Giant Penises in Kansas City. Die läuft jetzt, Beautiful Decay hat ein paar Bilder daraus und die HuffPo auch, das richtige Gold findet man aber in den Fotos auf den Facebooks der Dame: Jede Menge riesiger Quilt-Pimmel in ihrer natürlichen Umgebung aus allen möglichen Stoffen und Materialien in allen Größen, Formen und Farben. This Girl has something going on there. Holy Crap!

“I was looking on Craigslist for jobs and I saw an ad for a position that was sex positive and I had to know what that was,” Stewart explains casually, standing before a giant multicolored phallus. “When I looked at it it was to be a de-molder in a dildo factory. I just knew I needed to be able to tell my grandchildren I had even applied to be a de-molder in a dildo factory. When I got the job it was even better.”Coolest. Grandma. Ever.

It wasn’t long before Stewart’s work began inching its way into her creative headspace. Yes, dildos were on the brain. “One time while I was painting and it wasn’t working out, I noticed I had some pins and foam core on my desk and added them in and brought it to my [art] professor for critique, and he immediately said ‘That looks like a dildo,'” Stewart explained. “So I had to be honest about what I was doing because I was way more interested about putting the pins in the foam core than I was in painting.”

And, voila, an art movement was born.

Grandmother Quilts Giant Penises, Becomes Our New Life Inspiration


Very relaxed Flight Emergency Video

Ein Flugzeug beim Notlanden mit Sauerstoffmasken und Rauch in der Kabine und allem – und der Gentleman hier lächelt und winkt in die Kamera. Tatsächlich denke ich, ich würde ähnlich reagieren. Ich hab’ trotz einer ziemlich ausgeprägten Höhenphobie – beobachtet…


V/H/S Viral – Trailer 2

Ich mag das V/H/S-Franchise ja sehr, trotz Wackelcam. Das Format zeigt oft frische Bilder und Shots und bietet Regie-Newcomern einen Platz zum Austoben. Wie auch immer: Hier der erste richtige Trailer zum dritten Teil. Diesmal hinter der Kamera: Nacho Vigalondo…

A$$, ( . )( . ), and GUNS: Censorship in Cinema

A$$, ( . )( . ), and GUNS: Censorship in Cinema

Großartiger neuer Clip von FilmSchool: A$$, ( . )( . ), and GUNS: Censorship in Cinema. Ever since we could show things on film, there have been people protesting that “You can’t show THAT on film!” The result is the…

Text Mechanic: 1000 Text-Manipulation Tools:

Großartige Sammlung von Werkzeugen zur Textmanipulation mit Zeilensortierung nach Länge, Alphabet oder Random, spaltenweise Massen-Zeileneditierung (zur Entfernung/Hinzufügung von Zeilennummern in Tracklists beispielsweise) und jede Menge mehr. Superpraktisch, suche ich seit Jahren.

Open, LGTB-friendly Mosque in Cape Town:

Ein muslimischer Gelehrter hat in Kapstadt eine „open“ Moschee eröffnet, in der Frauen das Gebet sprechen „dürfen“ und Schwule, Lesben und Whatevers willkommen sind: Cape Town pro-gay mosque opens in South Africa. Mehr davon, bitte!

openmosqueA Muslim academic has opened a gay-friendly mosque in South Africa, despite receiving death threats and fierce criticism from parts of the local Muslim community.

Women will be allowed to lead prayers at Taj Hargey’s “Open Mosque” in Cape Town. “We are opening the mosque for open-minded people, not closed-minded people,” Mr Hargey told the BBC. He says the mosque will help counter growing Islamic radicalism.

Mr Hargey, a professor at the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford in the UK, told the BBC’s Newsday programme it was time for a “religious revolution”. “In South Africa 20 years ago, there was a peaceful revolution changing from apartheid to democracy and we need to have a similar development in the area of religion,” he said. Mr Hargey, who was born in Cape Town, said the mosque would welcome people from all genders, religions and sexual orientations.

In other News: Die Happy-Tänzer aus dem iranischen Pharrell-Video wurden zu 91 Peitschenhieben und 1 Jahr Knast auf Bewährung verurteilt: „Six Iranians arrested for appearing in a video dancing to Pharrell Williams’ song Happy have been sentenced to up to one year in prison and 91 lashes, their lawyer says. The sentences were suspended for three years, meaning they will not go to prison unless they reoffend, he adds.“

Ghost Pepper Popcorn


Ghost Pepper Nacho Cheese Popcorn bei Think Geek für ‘nen Fünfer. (via Nerdalicious)

Star Trek TOS in Cinerama Widescreen Panorama


Ich liebe TOS, die Restauration auf BluRay ist eine Wucht, die subtil aufgesexten Effekte passen perfekt zur Tonalität und überhaupt: Es kann nur einen Captain geben. Jedenfalls: Nick Acosta hat aus den alten 4:3-Bildern der Serie Superwidescreens im Cinerama-Format gebastelt und I’d watch the shit out of this.

Forty eight years ago this week Star Trek debuted its first episode on NBC. The show, like all other shows at the time, was broadcast in the old style 4×3 aspect ratio. Using HD screen caps from my friends at, I created this project of what the show would have looked like in Cinerama widescreen. As a kid the show always felt bigger and more epic than it appears to me as an adult. I was able to create these shots by waiting for the camera to pan and then I stitched the separate shots together. The result is pretty epic. It reminds me of the classic science fiction movies of the 50’s and 60’s. Suddenly the show has a “Forbidden Planet” vibe. Other shots remind me of how director Robert Wise would use a camera technique to keep the foreground and background elements in focus.

Star Trek in Cinerama Widescreen (via Martin)



Großartige Coding-Spielerei von Herrn Wolfram:

In the Wolfram Language a little code can go a long way. And to use that fact to let everyone have some fun, today we’re introducing Tweet-a-Program. Compose a tweet-length Wolfram Language program, and tweet it to @WolframTaP. Our Twitter bot will run your program in the Wolfram Cloud and tweet back the result.

Introducing Tweet-a-Program (via Waxy)

Animated Quest for the Making of Shirts for Kids

Animated Quest for the Making of Shirts for Kids

Ganz großartiges Commercial von The Mill für die Hersteller von nachhaltig produzierten Shirts für Kids mit dem tollen Namen The Fableist mit der super Tagline: Play hard, live forever. (via Totes Sick Animation)

Boardwalk Empire Intro recreated in GTA 5

Boardwalk Empire Intro recreated in GTA 5

Youtuber 8-Bit Bastards haben das Boardwalk Empire-Intro in GTA5 nachgebaut (via Polygon). Hier noch der Vergleich mit dem Original:

1966 Batman-Series Bluray-Trailer

1966 Batman-Series Bluray-Trailer

Hier der Trailer zur kommenden Batman Bluray, über die ich bereits gebloggt hatte. Das Teil kommt bei uns am 20. November. (via Marco) Amazon-Partnerlink: Batman Collection (1968) – Die komplette Serie + Batmobil [Blu-ray] [Limited Collector's Edition]