Excelselfie in a Typewriter

Lucia Dossin wandelt Selfies per Script in Exceltabellen, lässt diese dann von einem Rechner vorlesen und tippt die neuen ASCII-Selfies per Schreibmaschine zurück ins Analoge. Nice!

Performance/installation where selfies are typed out by a human using a typewriter. The characters to be typed are voice-dictated by a computer that converts a face to a series of ASCII characters. While being portrayed, the subject can listen to the dictation. The project is a derivation of Excelfie - Excel meets selfie.

1. take a selfie snapshot
2. read each pixel's intensity value (how dark/light it is) from the selfie file
3. convert this value into a character (according to the set of characters that you want to use)
4. place these characters inside an excel file, each in the corresponding cell, using the image file structure (number of rows and columns) as reference.