Ein toter Grashüpfer in Van Goghs Olivenbäumen

Die haben einen toten Grashüpfer in 'nem Gemälde von Vincent van Gogh gefunden:

Looking at the painting with the microscope ... I came across the teeny-tiny body of a grasshopper submerged in the paint, so it occurred in the wet paint back in 1889. We can connect it to Van Gogh painting outside, so we think of him battling the elements, dealing with the wind, the bugs, and then he’s got this wet canvas that he’s got to traipse back to his studio through the fields. […]

The paleo-entomologist Michael Engel, a senior curator and professor at the University of Kansas, was approached to examine the grasshopper further. He discovered that the insect’s thorax and abdomen were missing and there was no sign of movement in the surrounding paint. In other words, it was already dead and desiccated when it somehow landed on the artist’s wet canvas and could not be used for dating purposes.

Angeblich ist der Grashüpfer im Bild irgendwo in der unteren Hälfte verpinselt – ich hab' ihn nicht gefunden, den Flip.