Menschenvermeidungsstrategien für Introvertierte

03.11.2017 Fun #Introverts

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Großartiger Reddit-Thread mit einer Menge Tipps zur Vermeidung von Menschen und sozialen Verpflichtungen. Der Hundejob scheint eine vernünftige Option zu sein und die Nachsitz-Strategie habe ich selbst vor hundert Jahren mal angewandt. Funktioniert prima!

My grandfather has died like 15 times to get me out of social engagements. What a champ.

I moved to Japan because you don’t have to make small talk with strangers ever.

I just took a new job where I basically interact with dogs all day instead of people. It is bliss.

I was driving up to the store, saw someone I knew walk in, I didn’t even stop. I just kept driving to another store.

I’ve scaled wet, steep and slippery rocks when hiking just to avoid small talk with the people on the actual path

Friends husband pulled a 'Homer disappearing backwards into the hedge gif' move when he was trimming the hedge and people came to visit. Doubly awkward cause they saw him do it and he just stayed in the hedge.

In school suspension. An entire day reading in a silent, air conditioned room, no talking, no interruptions, even lunch was brought in and served silently. It was heaven.