Bonsai Marijuana-Grower busted

In Japan haben sie 'nen Ganja-Bauern hochgenommen, der sein Marijuana mit Bonsai-Techniken kleingehalten hat und so auf grob 40 Zentimeter verkleinert hat. BONSAI-GANJA! WANT!

Spoon & Tamago: Japanese Man Used Bonsai Techniques to Grow Marijuana

Police found 21 potted plants in the man’s house. Marijuana plants can easily grow to be over 3 ft high but these plants were around 15 inches. When questioned by police, they learned that the man had used bonsai techniques to trim, prune and manicure the plants so that he could maximize his small apartment space.

In a statement the man said – and I quote – “this is the first time I’ve produced such a great crop.” Yes, he is the Mr. Miyagi of cannabis.