How To make a multiocular Panoptipumpkin

Ein allsehender Augen-Kürbis von YT-User 68percentwater:

In den Comments findet man ein kleines HowTo inklusive Sketch-Code fürs Arduino.

I change the eye position for each eye based on a randomly generated number. I grouped the eyes into three groups and made sure I placed them in the pumpkin so each group was spread out, interlacing the three groups so they didn't all look like they were starting at the same time. while each eye can only move back an forth, I rotated each eye in a way that some were horizontal, some vertical and other somewhere in between. That gave the illusion that they were searching all over and not just scanning back and forth. This was for a contest at my wife's work. This year she has asked for the pumpkin to shake and vomit. Quite a challenge. I'll post that one if I'm successful.

Den Schüttel-Kotz-Kürbis hat er leider nicht gepostet, aber der ist auch keine Herausforderung: Loch in den Kürbis schneiden, die Innereien drin lassen, schütteln und auskippen: Der Kürbis kotzt. Naja. Dann lieber ein Halloween-Vielauge.