Jeff Mills plays in Jules Vernes' Writing-Room

Nachdem er bereits Fantastic Voyage und A Trip To The Moon vertonte, wird Jeff Mills für sein neuestes Projekt Live-Sets im Büro von Jules Verne aufnehmen. Ich kann mit Mills' Klassik-Techno-Fusion ja wenig anfangen, aber wie Jules Verne bei Mills klingt, interessiert mich dann schon.

Techno maestro Jeff Mills will be bringing his project Intuitions to France next week. Set in Amiens, the live recording will take place at the home of science fiction novelist Jules Verne’s next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Set for a special release via Axis Records next year, the aim of Intuitions is to create electronic music inspired by the atmosphere of a place where a great artist did their work.

After recording at the Rembrandt House, Amsterdam in 2015 and at the Tokyo studio of manga artist Osamu Tezuka last year, Mills will settle into Verne’s office who is the author of acclaimed novels such as Journey To The Center Of The Earth and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea.