Stephen Fry über Das Geile Neue Internet

Stephen Fry über „The future of humanity and technology“ und „known unknowns“. Er erklärt das Internet ausgehend von der klassischen Mythologie der ollen Griechen, das Intro habe ich mal grob transkribiert und die Struktur seines Vortrags klau ich mir für das geile neue Internet. (via BoingBoing)

Every day more stories relating to the great convergence. The time that is surely coming, when the swelling streams and contributions of AR, VR, Robotics, Bionics, Gene-Editing, Brain-Machine-Interfaces, Nanotechnology, Internet of Things, and Machine Learning break their banks flow together into one mighty technologic flood, and bring about the singularity, that brings about the end of the primacy of humankind or maybe the end of our existence as a biological species.

What will it do to our minds, our social groupings, the end of the work place, education, medicine, commerce, social love, leisure and labour as we always understood them since the dawn of language?

The hinges of pandoras box squeak as the lid rises. Plenty of concerns make the headlines today: Trolling, Postures, Fake News, Big Data, the slavery of the gig economy, the echochamber and filterbubble that ghettoizes us further and further, identity-theft, recruiting of the young for various ends, bullying, bodyshaming and on and on and on.

These are all issues that worry us now, but all of these should be understood as known knowns and known unknowns. Even politicians and businesspeople are aware of these issues. But such challenges are nothing set aside compared to what's coming around next.