Who wants to be a self-driving Car?

Schöne Arbeit vom Moovellab, ein ComputerVision-Simulator inklusive Miniatur-Robot-Car um das „Vertrauen in autonome Maschinen“ zu untersuchen. (via prostheticknowledge)

"Who Wants to be a Self-driving Car?" is a data driven trust exercise that uses augmented reality to reveal people's feelings about self-driving vehicle systems. As a collaboration between moovel Lab and Meso Digital Interiors, the team built an unconventional driving machine that requires people to use real-time three dimensional mapping and object recognition displayed in a virtual reality headset to navigate through space.

The project aims to be a "prototype for empathy", creating situations in which the driver and nearby bystanders become part of a conversation about responsibility, (dis)trust, fascination, and perhaps, hope for a world that is moving towards autonomous mobility.