Swiss' Crap is full of Gold

Scheiß auf 10000 Euro in einer Toilette: In den Abwässern der Schweiz schwimmen jährlich circa 95 Pfund Gold im Wert von 2 Millionen Dollar durch die Kloake. Professional poo divers are the new Gold Diggers.

An estimated 95 pounds of gold is flushed through Swiss sewage systems each year, according to a study by the aquatic science institute Eawag. The lost gold is worth nearly $2 million at current prices.

The researchers believe the tiny flecks of gold flow into the waste water system from the country's famed watchmaking industry and gold refineries. The study, commissioned by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, involved surveys of 64 waste water treatment plants across the country. […]

The scientists found other unexpected elements in the water: large amounts of silver and even rare earth minerals often used in the manufacture of electronic devices. The researchers estimated that over 6,500 pounds of silver ($1.8 million at current prices) flows into Swiss waste water each year.