Links: The Basic Laws of human Stupidity, Making human Skeletons, Half of the universe missing matter found

😈 Birds Beware: The Praying Mantis Wants Your Brain: Tom Vaughan, a photographer then living in Colorado’s Mancos Valley, kept a hummingbird feeder outside his house. One morning, he stepped through the portico door and noticed a black-chinned hummingbird dangling from the side of the red plastic feeder like a stray Christmas ornament. [Vorher auf NC: Gottesanbeterinnen fressen Kolibri-Gehirn aus Kolibri-Augenhölen]

🤣 THE BASIC LAWS OF HUMAN STUPIDITY: Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation. At first, the statement sounds trivial, vague and horribly ungenerous. Closer scrutiny will however reveal its realistic veracity.

☝️ Universal Basic Income and the Threat of Tyranny: Much praise has been heaped on the idea of a universal basic income in recent years.

☠️ The Gruesome History of Making Human Skeletons: Step 1. Acquire a corpse. No, no hints about where or how. You’re on your own there. Step 2. Cut away as much flesh as you can. Watch the joints and ligaments—you need those intact.

😮 My sudden synaesthesia: how I went blind and started hearing colours: It took just 72 hours for me to lose my sight entirely, and for my hands and feet to feel like they were encased in ice. Just before my blindness hit, I had been laid up with an unknown virus that had left me suffering severe headaches and sweats.

🌊 Tokyo Is Preparing for Floods ‘Beyond Anything We’ve Seen’: Japan has spent billions on an underground system to control water around the capital, but some fear that the city is vulnerable as global warming brings more extreme weather. By HIROKO TABUCHIOCT. 6, 2017

😲 Half the universe’s missing matter has just been finally found: The missing links between galaxies have finally been found. This is the first detection of the roughly half of the normal matter in our universe – protons, neutrons and electrons – unaccounted for by previous observations of stars, galaxies and other bright objects in space.

😶 Time Might Only Exist in Your Head. And Everyone Else's: Past. Present. Future. In physics, they are all the same thing. But to you, me, and everyone else, time moves in one direction: from expectation, through experience, and into memory.

🤢 “Du kannst gerne vorbeikommen und wir schauen die Sportschau” – Besuch bei Uwe Boll: Egon Forever alias Lux Eiwalker ist ein bekannter Zeichner und Sportfan aus Süddeutschland. Und als er dem mächtigen Kaput-Magazin anbot, einen Text über die Autobiographie des Filmemachers Uwe Boll aufzustellen, sagten wir natürlich “ja”.

🎸 The Curses: Part I: In discussing twentieth century American popular music and its most essential genre, the blues, there have been two main channels for getting into the history, or, as we like to say, the roots, of that tradition.

👁 Notes From an Apocalypse: This is a loose adaptation of a talk I sometimes give on the Cambrian Explosion, smoothed a bit for popular consumption. That talk, in turn, draws heavily from a 2006 paper by Charles Marshall, titled “Explaining the Cambrian ‘Explosion’ of Animals”.