Wissenschaftler haben ein Interface für die Gehirne von Finken gebaut und können damit deren Vogelgesang vorhersagen. Ist einer der ersten Schritte für ein funktionierendes Brain-2-Text-Interface für Menschen. „Die Tschirp-Tschirps sind frei, keiner kann sie erraten“ my ass.

Technology Review: Scientists Can Read a Bird’s Brain and Predict Its Next Song
Paper: A neural decoder for learned vocal behavior

Timothy Gentner and his students at the University of California, San Diego, who built a brain-to-tweet interface that figures out the song a finch is going to sing a fraction of a second before it does so.

“We decode realistic synthetic birdsong directly from neural activity,” the scientists announced in a new report published on the website bioRxiv. The team, which includes Argentinian birdsong expert Ezequiel Arneodo, calls the system the first prototype of “a decoder of complex, natural communication signals from neural activity.” A similar approach could fuel advances towards a human thought-to-text interface, the researchers say.