Algorithmic Penis-Detector

Zi Ye‏ hat einen Algorithmus entwickelt, der die Penis-Ähnlichkeit von 3D-Objekten feststellt: „Wrote a genetic algorithm to determine how phallic a 3D object is. I call it... the Dicktector!“ (via JWZ)

Vielleicht kann er seinen Pimmel-Algorithmus ja an Lego oder Nintendo verkaufen, die brauchen verlässliche Penis-Detektoren.

Die Replys zum Tweet sind priceless:

Kukiolworks: What about a game about building stuff with shape of penis? If less than 60 percent you lose.

Daniela Fontes: How did you come up with the fitness function? 😱
Zi Ye: The fitness function is only volumetric conformity... Once the best fitting phallus envelope has been found it then evaluates the envelope for phalicness. Also takes into account how well the envelope was filled.
Daniela Fontes: Cool😂!Somehow I imagined someone spending 3days classifying shapes. Not even Freud could conceive that degree of seeing penises in everything.

Aeryn JD: I tested it on my "self" and only got 12%
Zi Ye: Try waving it slowly in a figure 8 to calibrate it.

Michael Fuchs: oh a 2d version for logo designers would be very useful. so many accidentally-a-dick logos out there ;) should be a built in plugin that activates itself on save/export in all most common vector software packages. :D

armen.babakanian: Does it go above 100%?
Zi Ye: Theoretically possible. I just don't know how to make such a perfect dick. Not sure we have the technology.