Blade Runner: Black Out 2022 – The Anime

Regisseur Denis Villeneuve ließ zum Start seines Blade Runner-Sequels drei Kurzfilme inszenieren (die ersten beiden hatte ich in den Trailern abgefeiert, unten nochmal in umgekehrter Chronologie) und der interessanteste davon ist mit Abstand der dritte Teil, ein Animation-Short von Cowboy Bebop-Regisseur Shinicihro Watanabe inklusive Making Of-Featurette.

Der Kurzfilm erzählt die Story des Niedergangs der Tyrell Corp. nach dem Ur-BladeRunner und der Short haut hintenraus mächtig auf die Kacke mit Explosions und whatnot, dazu Soundtrack von Flying Lotus. Großartig! (Bonustrack, grade durch die YT-Subcriptions gerutscht: Blade Runner — Constructing a Future Noir, Video ganz unten).

2022: Black Out

Anime writer/director Shinichirō Watanabe, of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo fame, has released a new prequel short to director Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming Blade Runner 2049 film, the highly-anticipated sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi masterpiece Blade Runner. Watanbe’s short, Blade Runner Black Out 2022, lasts roughly 10 minutes and takes place in the time between the original film (the year 2019) and the new film. It also, as was previously reported, features a score from Flying Lotus. Music by Miguel Atwood Ferguson and Kuedo is also included in the clip. […]

The short film follows two replicants, Iggy and Trixie, as they evade angry mobs of humans who have militarized against replicants. Tensions between humans and replicants have reached a boiling point, with people disgusted by the genetically engineered beings’ inhuman natures taking it upon themselves to use the Replicant Registry to hunt down stray replicants. But with the help of sympathetic human Ren, who is enamored with Trixie, a few replicants plot to plunge the city of Los Angeles into a black out “like the humans had never seen.”

The result is catastrophic, with the falling cars and vehicles wreaking havoc on the cityscape, and causing replicant manufacturing to be banned, causing the end of the all-powerful Tyrell Corporation from the first film. Until the daunting Wallace Corp. takes its place a decade later.

Die ersten Kritiken zum Blade Runner-Sequel sprechen übrigens von einem Meisterwerk: „BladeRunner 2049 is phenomenal. Visually mind-blowing sci-fi w/ noir roots shining through in a tight, twisty mystery. Best of 2017 so far.“

Hier die ersten beiden Prequel-Shorts und ein Making Of zum Anime:

2022: Black Out – Making Of-Featurette

Brought to you by Cowboy Bebop director Shinicihro Watanabe is this sneak peek at an anime version of Blade Runner!

With Blade Runner 2049 coming soon to theaters, he was approached to create an animated feature that would explain what happened in the 30 year time period between the two live action movies. As a fan of the movie -- admitting it influenced a lot of his own creative choices -- he is taking the project extremely seriously.

While the teaser for Blade Runner Black Out 2022 only gives us a glimpse at early pencils and some behind the scenes backstory with no hint of a release date, we can only hope it'll be somewhere around Blade Runner 2049's theatrical release, or perhaps bundled with a Blu-Ray later on.

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Journey into the world 2049 with a replicant on the run. Dave Bautista is Sapper Morton.

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