Casual 3D Photography

Peter Hedman und seine Kollegen bohren 3D-Fotografie auf und verwandeln herkömmliche digitale Fotos per Algorithmus in (ein bisschen) begehbare Virtuelle Räume, versehen die Objekte im Bild mit Lichteffekten und überfluten Wälder und solcherlei Schnickschnack. (via ProstheticKnowledge)

Paper: Casual 3D Photography

We present an algorithm that enables casual 3D photography. Given a set of input photos captured with a hand-held cell phone or DSLR camera, our algorithm reconstructs a 3D photo, a central panoramic, textured, normal mapped, multi-layered geometric mesh representation. 3D photos can be stored compactly and are optimized for being rendered from viewpoints that are near the capture viewpoints.

They can be rendered using a standard rasterization pipeline to produce perspective views with motion parallax. When viewed in VR, 3D photos provide geometrically consistent views for both eyes. Our geometric representation also allows interacting with the scene using 3D geometry-aware effects, such as adding new objects to the scene and artistic lighting effects.