Liartown is a Book!

Das großartige Tumblelog Liartown USA von Sean Tejaratchi (der Typ mit dem Banksy-Zitat, übrigens) hat sich ein Buch gegönnt und weil ich persönlich den Hals nicht vollkriegen kann von Social Justice Kittens, Black Metal Apartment Buildings, TED-Talks from a slightly creepy Parallel-Universe, Big Books of Online Trolling oder auch die ganz besonders beliebten Difficult-to-Strip-to Hits, habe ich mir das Teil grade vorbestellt, erscheint am 14. November.

LIARTOWN: The First Four Years (2013-2017)
by Sean Tejaratchi

Welcome to LiarTown. A place every bit as baffling as this one, where wolves lurk inside kitchen appliances and powerful elk make unwanted sexual advances in corporate hallways. A world uncomfortably close to our own, where ordinary lesbians glimpse terrifying future disasters and the ghosts of naked soldiers still prance around the battlefields of the Civil War.

But it’s a gentle world, too. A world of huggable business dolls and moisturized birds, Swedish spider-squirrels and therapeutic couple's DJs. A welcoming world where parents forego traumatic exorcisms and accept their possessed children, demons and all. A world where the enduring love for a simple gull reaches across decades and continents. A world where you can make love to absolutely anything you want once you get to Heaven.

For the past four years, Tejaratchi’s Liartown USA blog has delighted dozens of online visitors with each new slice of satirical visual commentary. With a selection of the best posts (and a sprinkling of otherwise unseen material) collected into a glossy, full-color trade paperback, readers can now immerse themselves in an alternate world of blockbusters, bestsellers, and bullshit.

Hier ein Buch-Trailer und ein paar alte Favs aus'm Lügenkaff: