Cemetery Olive Oil

14.09.2017 Kultur #Death #Food

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Goth-Öl von 150 Jahre alten Olivenbäumen von Adelaides ältestem Friedhof. Damit brät man dann am besten einen Satanist Jesus-Themed Heavy Metal Ghost-Burger.

It may seem at first like an unlikely source, but Adelaide's oldest cemetery has released its very own olive oil harvested from trees growing on its property. There are around 60 olive trees at the West Terrace Cemetery, believed to be Olea Europaea — a small and fairly common type of olive. The majority sit in a row between the property and the main road. […]

West Terrace Cemetery is Adelaide's oldest, with the first burial at the site dating back to 1837. The olive trees have been around since the 1860s, but how they came to be there remains a mystery, according to Mr Pitt. […]

The olive oil is part of an effort by the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority to help people think of cemeteries as not just a places to mourn the dead, but as spaces with a new lease of life.