Happy 100th, Jack Kirby!

Jack Kirby, der King of Comics und der Erfinder von Marvel, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Hulk, den X-Men und den legendären Kirby Dots, wäre heute 100 Jahre alt geworden. Happy Jack, King, where ever you are. ">Der Guardian hat 'nen schönen Kirby-Text mit Sachen, die jeder Kirby-Kenner schon weiß, das angemessenste Posting zum Centennial hat der Comics Reporter und die Bilder unten stammen vor allem aus dem fantastischen Flickr-Set Jack Kirby Double-Page Spreads. Long live the King!

This year was always going to be a big one for Jack Kirby. Today would have been his 100th birthday, and the month of August has long been earmarked by the comics industry to celebrate one of its most influential creators. As the illustrator of some of the biggest characters in comic history, the tough, tireless and trailblazing visual storyteller laid the foundations for today’s seemingly unquenchable obsession with superheroes. But despite being overshadowed these days by Marvel’s grinning nonagenarian Stan Lee, the stogie-chomping artist known simply as “the King” has retained his status as a legend.

Unexpectedly, Kirby cropped up in the news again this January, when the ethics of punching Nazis – done with such style by his Captain America – became an international debate. The patriotic super-soldier, co-created by Kirby and writer Joe Simon in early 1941, was memorably introduced on his first cover bopping Hitler with a solid right hook, months before the US even joined the second world war. Kirby – born Jacob Kurtzberg to Austrian Jewish immigrant parents in New York – would go on to prove he had the courage of his convictions. Drafted in 1943, he almost lost his legs to frostbite serving as a scout in Europe, before being honourably discharged in 1945. Punching Nazis was A-OK with the King – and 70 years on, critics of the alt-right have found powerful allies in Cap and his Jewish co-creator.

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