TR-808 is TR-08 now

Roland hat heute (am 8.8., dem „808-Day“) eine neue (digital emulierte) Version der legendären TR-808-Drummachine vorgestellt (nachdem sie im vergangenen Jahr neue 303/909s auf den Markt geschmissen hatten). Mit 300 Dollar ein bisschen zu teuer, um die einfach als Spielerei zu kaufen, leider, aber immer noch die legendäre 808 und im Promo-Clip dazu erzählt Electro-Pionier Egyptian Lover und Techno-Pionier Juan Atkins, was sie von dem Teil halten. Nice!

The Roland TR-808 has featured on countless records and tracks — from chart-topping pop songs to underground classics — and is one of the most revered electronic musical instruments of all time. The booming bass drum, sizzling hi-hats, snappy snare, and that unmistakable cowbell, has formed the rhythmic foundation of many genres with a sound that is engrained in today’s music and culture.

In this video, we chat about the latest instrument in the Roland Boutique series - the Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer. We discuss what the numbers "8-0-8" mean to a number of artists; some of whom have a legacy deeply engrained with the TR-808 to a younger generation of producers who look to take the sound of the TR-808 to a bright future.

Join Jimmy Jam, Egyptian Lover, Principleasure, Shy Boogs, Marley Marl, Nadus, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Juan Atkins share their love for the 808 and the new TR-08 Rhythm Composer.