Arcade Fire Live @ Lollapalooza 2017 in Chicago

Seen them live twice, they are a blast, especially on stage: „Arcade Fire's full Lollapalooza headline set. Live from the Grant Park stage in Grant Park, Chicago, IL, USA. Aug 6, 2017.“

Consequences of Sound: Lollapalooza Review: Arcade Fire Closes Festival with Career-Spanning Set – From Funeral to Everything Now, the Canadian rockers took Grant Park on a journey


00:00:06 Everything Now (Continued) - intro
00:02:05 Everything Now
00:07:19 Rebellion (Lies)
00:12:31 Here Comes the Night Time
00:19:46 Signs of Life
00:25:17 Electric Blue
00:29:41 No Cars Go
00:36:03 Keep the Car Running
00:40:37 The Suburbs - dedicated to David Bowie
00:45:47 The Suburbs (Continued)
00:47:04 Ready to Start
00:51:39 Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
00:56:47 Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
01:02:40 Reflektor
01:09:49 Afterlife - with snippet of New Order's 01:14:46 "Temptation"
01:15:23 Creature Comfort
01:21:09 Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
01:28:05 -encore break-

01:29:37 Wake Up
01:35:54 Mind Games - John Lennon cover, with snippets from Radiohead's 01:40:59 "Karma Police", David Bowie's 01:41:26 "Oh! You Pretty Things", and Arcade Fire's own 01:42:35 "Wake Up".