Stephen Kings Pet Sematary House for sale

Das Haus, in dem Stephen King einen Sommer im Jahr 1979 an einer von zahlreichen Trucks befahrenen Straße lebte, und das die Inspiration für Pet Sematary bildete, steht für 225k Dollar zum Verkauf.

Auf der Straße wurden ständig Haustiere überfahren, weshalb die Kinder der Nachbarschaft einen Tierfriedhof im Wald hinter dem Haus gebaut hatten. Als dann die Katze seiner Tochter überfahren wurde, Stephen King Smucky auf eben diesem Tierfriedhof begraben und das dann seiner Tochter erklären musste, kam ihm die Idee zum Buch. Der Acker im Herzen eines Manner ist steiniger, Lewis, und kost' jetz' nur noch knapp 225k Dollar.

Von Kings Website:

In early 1979, Stephen was serving as a writer-in-residence at the University of Maine at Orono and living in a rented house in nearby Orrington that bordered a major truck route which frequently claimed the lives of dogs and cats. In the woods behind his house, local children had created an informal pet cemetery. One day, his daughter's cat was killed by a passing truck. Stephen was faced with the task of burying the cat in the pet cemetery and then explaining to his daughter what had happened. It was on the third day after the burial that the idea for a novel came to him.

Bangor Daily News: Stephen King’s ‘Pet Sematary’ house for sale

King told the Bangor Daily News on Wednesday that he doesn’t remember the house number of the rental but recognized its picture in the real estate listing. The house has been featured in several news stories, books, blogs and even an A&E biography on Bangor’s most famous writer.

“Don’t remember the number, but it was across the street from the store owned by the late, great Julio Desanctis,” King said. “That’s actually where I wrote the book — in his storeroom.”

The house at 664 River Road is near Center Drive. The King family lived there for about a year in 1978 while he was a writer-in-residence at the University of Maine, his alma mater.