Augmented Reality-Take on me

Augmented Reality-Version vom Aha-Video. Das schöne daran: Man kann in die Comic-Welt rüberlatschen, wie in 'nem Mirror, wie im Original-Clip. Dazu dann noch Style Transfer und wir können überall reinlaufen, was der Style so hergibt, als Textur für die Welt.

Created by Chip Sineni of Trixi Studios, the augmented reality app was built using Apple’s ARKit, a developer tool recently released by the company running on the iOS 11 beta that lets you create AR apps and games. Because of the wide-spread availability of Apple devices supporting the iOS 11 beta, the company claims millions of iPhones and iPads are already in the hands of prospective developers around the world. So it’s no wonder when weird and wild things come creeping out of the woodwork.