LPsLPsLPs: Zuckergras und Regenbogen-Pop, dazu die Gummibärchen-Salatbeilage und ein bisschen Limo

22.07.2017 Music #Album

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Großartiger JingleJangle-AltFolk: Some Twist by Michael Nau

„This albums sounds like the taste of sun after the stormiest winter.“ Agreed: Life After Youth by Land Of Talk

Capacity by Big Thief: „Nothing like listening to this with coffee and cigarettes on a lazy afternoon or morning, reading a book.“

Pale Green Ghosts by John Grant: „'It's hard to imagine a more enjoyable and rewarding hour of music being released this year than Pale Green Ghosts: self-obsessed but completely compelling, profoundly discomforting but beautiful, lost in its own fathomless personal misery, but warm, funny and wise.' - The Guardian – 5 Stars *****“

Premium by Sam Evian

Irrer Comedy-Pop (womit ich normalerweise gar nichts anfangen kann): Bravado by Kirin J Callinan

Toller Garage-Poprock aus London: Headless Pin Up Girl [EP] by Chemtrails

Fantastischer Bandname, großartiges Album: Agent blå by Agent Blå

Schöner Garage-Rock aus New York: A Place I'll Always Go by Palehound