Text-Messaging Acronyms before Text-Messaging Acronyms

11.07.2017 Fun #Language

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TMWYHOT will be my favorite prehistoric Chat-Acronym for the next few Aeons. Also: I ❤️ McSweeneys: TMB4TM (TEXT MESSAGES BEFORE TEXT MESSAGING).

WAFU – what a feudal lord
TY4YT – thank you for your telegram
GTGLMOL – got to go light my oil lamp
OMVOTG – oh my vengeful old testament god
OMWBSLTWU – on my way but still learning to walk upright
LMPWO – laughing my powdered wig off
ASAMTOISIO – as soon as my term of indentured servitude is over
DK (IHNPC) – don’t know (I have no prefrontal cortex)
MMWTUMO – makes me want to unyoke my oxen
G2GM – got to go migrate
SNAG – situation normal, angry god
CTGAP – can’t talk, got a pox
TMWYHOT – text me when you have opposable thumbs