Evil and the Triple Dead

Not 1 but 2 video-essays about the Evil Dead-Series. Join us!

A documentary exploring 'The Evil Dead' from Conception to Creation and Reception to Aftermath.

Sequels and prequels. Remakes and reimagings. Reboots and spin-offs. It seems that Hollywood is only creative anymore when it comes to finding new names to describe old movies made anew. The Evil Dead horror franchise is a case in point. Its different parts have a muddy lineage. So much so that three decades after its original release, some fans are still debating whether 1987’s Evil Dead II was a sequel or a remake. When the fourth feature film came out in 2013, things didn’t get any clearer (that movie has been called both a reboot and a continuation of the original trilogy).

Film student Gil Vanroy refuses to get bogged down in the semantics of the discussion. Instead, he has made an epic mash-up video essay [for filmscalpel] that shows just how little those categories of Hollywood’s taxonomy of unoriginality differ. He has taken Sam Raimi’s first two movies and mashed them together with Fede Alvarez’ most recent iteration. Vanroy goes through ten of the most significant plot elements that feature in all three movies. Remake or sequel, reboot or not: the footage is so similar that this mash-up not once breaks continuity.