Fake ISIS-Lego

In Malaysia haben sie Fake-ISIS-Lego-Sets entdeckt, komplett mit „beheading figurines“ und DIY-Waffen: ISIS-themed fake Lego sets exported globally from China.

The 'Falcon Commandos' fake Lego series pits counter-terror police against black-clothed Islamic State figures, commonly known as mini-figs, and what appears to be the ISIS flag. One ISIS mini-fig set pictures an Islamic State jihadi armed with a chainsaw and a bloodied head at his feet. Another contains a masked figure tossing dynamite and a catapult capable of launching crude incendiary devices.

Nine.com.au has viewed the 'Falcon Commandos' series on a major Chinese online retailer which states it will send the terrorist sets to Australia. The sets are recommended for children aged six and over.

The 'Falcon Commandos' counterfeit set is not the first time Lego has had to deal with copycat terrorist sets. In 2008 a US manufacturer called BrickArms caused outcry by releasing an Usama bin Laden figure carrying an AK-47 and wrapped in a belt of grenades. BrickArms, operating out of Richmond, Washington, have also previously issued an Nazi SS officer and Stormtrooper.