Simon „Hellraiser Lament Configuration“ Sayce, R.I.P.

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Simon Sayce, der Designer des Hellraiser-Würfels aka Lemarchands Box aka Lament Configuration, ist an den Folgen seiner Krebserkrankung gestorben.

Der Würfel war tatsächlich seine erste Arbeit nach seiner Ausbildung am College, danach bastelte er Masken für David Cronenberg, Ken Russells The Lair of the White Worm und Clive Barkers Nightbreed und noch vor einem Jahr arbeitete er an einer selbstgemachten Replika namens Obscurita Box.

Mach's gut, Simon, und thanx for all the „experience beyond limits… pain and pleasure, indivisible“.

I have written what my interpretation of the history of the original box is, because essentially if you want to go back to my research in pitt rivers (oxford), it’s not a chinese puzzle box, because if you look at the beginning of the film (hellraiser), you have a chinese or asian man with the dark fingernails, but he’s not in china, and he actually looks like he is in an arab country. And the artwork and the stuff in the background, if you look at it, it’s quite interesting, but it’s not oriental.

So I did a back story, based on my original research which linked the making of the box by Lemarchand to the whole french colonial empire at the time. And the french colonial empire covered france and it covered Arabia, and it covered India I believe… and of course, for a while it did go very far east but only for a short time. And so I liked the idea that there was a story behind the design of the box, that was related to one person’s journey.

The Lament Configuration Supercut

Hier die Geschichte der Hellraiser-Box von Wikipedia:

The Lemarchand box that has become known in the film series as the Lament Configuration was introduced in The Hellbound Heart as "the Lemarchand Configuration". It appeared as an antique black lacquered puzzle box of unparalleled workmanship. A clever individual with a passion for solving the puzzle might spend the better part of a day loosening the first piece. As described by Barker on the first page of the novella: „The interior surfaces were brilliantly polished. Frank's reflection — distorted, fragmented — skated across the lacquer.... Lemarchand, who had been in his time a maker of singing birds, had constructed the box so that opening it tripped a musical mechanism, which began to tinkle a short rondo of sublime banality.„

The tune continues to evolve as each additional piece is moved: „And there was music too; a simple tune emerged from the box, played on a mechanism that she could not yet see. Enchanted, she delved further. Though one piece had been removed, the rest did not come readily. Each segment presented a fresh challenge to fingers and mind, the victories rewarded with a further filigree added to the tune.“

The puzzle draws the player onward until suddenly the puzzle is solved and the gateway is opened. As the puzzle is nearly completed, the sound of a large bell can be heard tolling mournfully. The sound comes from the realm of the Cenobites, and announces their impending arrival. Once the gate is opened, the box begins reassembling itself.

Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II

The Cenobites scene from Hellraiser performed with speech synthesizers

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