Posters for hunting invasive Lionfish

Der Red Lionfish ist eine Unterart der Feuerfische und zählt zu den invasiven Spezies, die sich in der karibischen See ohne natürliche Feinde ungestört vermehren und dort zur Plage werden. Deshalb gab die Umweltbehörde von Kolumbien diese superschicken Info-Poster heraus, die als Fischernetz dienen und gleichzeitig Infos über Giftigkeit und den Fang der Tiere verbreitet. Hübsche Idee, visuell toll umgesetzt.

The Lionfish is a beautiful but invasive and venomous species, currently destroying the ecosystem of the Caribbean. Due to being dangerous to both humans and marine life, Colombia’s Ministry of Environment has spent 4 years doing everything within its powers to stop this menace. With budgets limited or otherwise non-existent, every effort made counts. Lots of literature is available about the Lionfish and its effect on its newly adopted environment, so locals understand the dangers. But fisherman travel light and don’t carry any of the information given out by the Ministry. We needed more fishermen to join in hunting for Lionfish, so we had to make sure we caught their attention and removed the myth.

Having previously had success with ideas to tackle Lionfish, we wanted to create something that was useful in more than one way. We created “Posters for catching fishermen”: beautifully designed posters that explained everything fishermen needed to know about this pest: toxicology information, where to find them, how to capture them and how to treat a sting. But these posters had a twist: each one was printed with an innovative perforation technique which meant, when pulled apart, they would literally transform into working lightweight bags or nets that fisherman could use to bring home their catch.