Dude was full of shit but not anymore

14.06.2017 Weird #Medics #Poop

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Poor guy but he's fine now and his shit is gone, together with a good chunk of his guts: Surgeons save constipated man's life by removing 13kg of faeces.

Surgeons in China saved the life of a young man whose abdomen was so distended, it looked like it was about to burst anytime. Chinese media reported the 22-year-old patient named Zhou Hai was suffering from severe abdominal pain and was struggling to breathe when he visited a hospital in Shanghai last week. A CT scan showed that there was a lot of faeces stored in his colon. […]

In a three-hour operation, surgeons removed a section of Zhou's colon that was 76cm long and weighed 13kg. He was later diagnosed with Hirschsprung's disease, a birth defect that causes a blockage in the large intestine. The missing nerve cells in the colon prevent it from contracting normally, making it unable to push waste matter through the large intestine. This causes chronic constipation and often leads to the development of a megacolon if left untreated.