Fake-Like Vending Machine

In Russland steht offenbar ein Verkaufsautomat für Social Media-Likes.

Das Teil druckt Fotos, man kann damit Follower und Likes auf verschiedenen Social Networks kaufen (Instagram und vk-Kontakte, soweit ich das sehe) und als besonderen Bonus greift sich das Teil alle meine Freunde auf Instagram und schickt ihnen Spam. Anscheinend hat die Firma mindestens eine dieser Maschinen nach Deutschland verliehen.

This vending machine—originally spotted by journalist Vasily Sonkin and posted to Twitter by his colleague Alexey Kovalev—lets you buy likes and followers right inside Okhotny Ryad shopping center in downtown Moscow.

For the extremely low price of 50 Russian rubles ($.89), you can make sure your selfie gets the extra 100 fake Instagram likes it deserves. For double the price ($1.77) you can purchase 100 Instagram followers, without even needing to leave the underground shopping center where you're hanging out.

Thankfully, this multifunctional device can also take care of your other social media needs. It takes selfies and prints Instagram photos, and it also sells fake followers and likes for VK, a popular social networking site in Russia.

Don't frequent this particular shopping center near the Kremlin? Not a problem. Kovalev assured me over Twitter DM that he's spotted the same vending machines throughout Moscow, and heard reports that they can be found in other Russian cities.

Aus einem weiteren Artikel mit Video (des Fotoprint-Prozesses):

ccording to the company, there are roughly 20 of the vending machines in Russia, and a handful of others have been sold to partners in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. The company says it costs 14,000 rubles ($245.65) to rent the device, if you're interested (it doesn't say how long you can use the device for).