Neural Network Genesis Alpha

Douglas Summers hat das erste Buch Genesis der Bibel mit Neural Network Voodoo in Worte übersetzt, die allesamt mit dem Buchstaben A anfangen. Er selbst erklärt das so: „this was made with the help of a computer program that tries to express the meaning of any word by an adjective and a noun pair. Phrases like 'abstract astronomy' for 'space' and 'aquatic archipelagos' for 'islands' were generated by the program.“

1. An advent: ancient archangels architect abstract astronomy and arid asteroids.
2. All asteroids are amorphous and absent; And all asleep across aquatic anarchy. And astral angels advanced across area.
3. And Almighty asked," Appear." And all appeared aglow.
4. And Almighty approved. Aura and absence: an antagonistic arithmetic.
5. An afternoon and aurora, an aeon.
6.And atmosphere and all awash abscinded.
7. Astral air above; aquatic area abased. All as Almighty asserted.
8. Angel's abode appeared. Another afternoon, another aurora. Another aeon.
9. And Almighty authored aquatic archipelagos. Arable acreage appeared.
10. And Almighty approved.

Procedural Genration: Alpha (A Translation of Genesis 1)

Using the word2vec data, Douglas Summers Stay made a list of adjective-noun pairs, indexed by the sum of the two words’ vectors, and used that to translate general words into phrases that started with the desired letter. He then used this as a tool to help with his poetry composition, translating the first chapter of Genesis into words that all started with the letter A.