We drink young blood (for 8k bucks a pop)

Letztes Jahr ging die Meldung rum, Peter Thiel interessiere sich für die Anwendung von Parabiosis in Form von Bluttransfusionen von Teenagern: „This is where they did the young blood into older mice and they found that had a massive rejuvenating effect“. Eine Verjüngungskur durch Kinderblut also.

Jetzt ist das erste Kinderblut-Startup soweit, hat eine erste Versuchsreihe abgeschlossen und will die Transfusionen nun kommerziell anbieten: Blutbasierte Illusionen vom ewigen Leben für Superreiche gibt's demnächst ab 8000 Dollar. Sick.

Vanity Fair: This anti-aging start-up is charging thousands of dollars for teen blood

Jesse Karmazin[s startup] Ambrosia is charging about $8,000 a pop for blood transfusions from people under 25, Karmazin said at Code Conference on Wednesday. Ambrosia, which buys its blood from blood banks, now has about 100 paying customers. Some are Silicon Valley technologists, like Thiel, though Karmazin stressed that tech types aren’t Ambrosia’s only clients, and that anyone over 35 is eligible for its transfusions.

Karmazin was inspired to found Ambrosia after seeing studies researchers had done involving sewing mice together with their veins conjoined. Some aspects of aging, one 2013 study found, could be reversed when older mice get blood from younger ones, but other researchers haven’t been able to replicate these results, and the benefits of parabiosis in humans remains unclear. “I think the animal and retrospective data is compelling, and I want this treatment to be available to people,” Karmazin told the MIT Technology Review.

New Scientist: Human tests suggest young blood cuts cancer and Alzheimer’s risk

“I don’t want to say the word panacea [ed: Wundermittel], but here’s something about teenagers,” Jesse Karmazin, founder of startup Ambrosia, told New Scientist. “Whatever is in young blood is causing changes that appear to make the ageing process reverse.”