Pinboard buys Delicious

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Didn't see that one coming tbh: Maciej Cegłowski and his Pinboard buy Delicious, the old bookmarking service I used until three years ago or so. His proceedings are harsh but fair. I made the jump to pinboard years ago and while I didn't regret it in any way, I never updated my workflow for it (that's why there's no automatic linklists anymore). Time to fix that.

Love his last sentence: „Do not attempt to compete with Pinboard.“ As I said before: It looks to me like Independent Media is a winner of this whole shebang.

[update] I'm convinced that Cegłowski is on the right path. An independent one man power-startup with a vision and that vision is the link. Social Media is connected chatting. Important, but not as important as Links because Links are context and context never goes out of style, not really. This is why the relevant innovations, be it a sucker as fakenews or investigative journalism like The Intercept, still happens on websites. I mean, really. Innovation on social media is figuring out messaging with some effects. Are we in the 90s and reinventing networked MMS or what? It's the Link that matters, even on social media, around which memetic, connected clouds can form. At least that's one good news I guess.

Pinboard has acquired Delicious. Here’s what you need to know:

If you’re a Pinboard user, nothing will change. Sad!

If you’re a Delicious user, you will have to find another place to save your bookmarks. The site will stay online. but on June 15, I will put Delicious into read-only mode. You won't be able to save new bookmarks after that date, or use the API.

Users will have an opportunity to migrate their bookmarks to a Pinboard account, which costs $11/year. Those who prefer to bookmark elsewhere will be able to export their data once I fix the export link, which was disabled some months ago for peformance reasons.

Please note that there is no time pressure for moving off Delicious. You won't be able to save new bookmarks after June 15, but everything else will continue to work, or break in familiar ways.

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